OpenAirplane Raises Seed Funding To Make Flying Even Easier

Written by Rod Rakic
Published on Feb. 12, 2016
OpenAirplane Raises Seed Funding To Make Flying Even Easier
OpenAirplane, an online service which connects pilots to planes across the U.S., has secured $500,000 in seed funding from several investors in Chicago and abroad. The funds will help OpenAirplane hire more developers, accelerate growth, and build new products. 
“I am tremendously excited about my investment in OpenAirplane. It has a very supportive and growing user base and is scaling across small airports,” commented investor Chris Adelsbach, Managing Director at Techstars in London.
Over 10,000 pilots from around the world have signed up to fly with OpenAirplane. Pilots can use the network to access to more than 300 airplanes at over 90 locations across the the U.S.
Pilots who wish to begin flying with OpenAirplane can sign up for free at
Aircraft operators who would like to learn more about offering their aircraft for rent with OpenAirplane can learn more by visiting or calling 312-436-1018.
Jobs at OpenAirplane are posted at
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