Saucey raises $4.5M seed round, brings the party to Chicago

Written by Patrick Hechinger
Published on Sep. 01, 2015
Saucey raises $4.5M seed round, brings the party to Chicago
Saucey, the LA-based alcohol delivery platform, announced today they will be expanding their services to Chicago after a $4.5 million seed round. 
The round was led by Blumberg Capital with participation from Structure Capital and Altpoint Ventures. 
“California is the number one drinking market in the country in all categories [beer, wine, and spirits],” said CEO and founder Chris Vaughn. “We’ve effectively taken hold of LA, San Diego, and San Francisco and it was time to move East to Chicago — one of the other biggest drinking markets out there.” 
Saucey’s Chicago service will be available from The Loop to Wrigleyville, as far west as Wicker Park, West Town and the West Loop.
Saucey has found success in a crowded on-demand alcohol industry by avoiding minimum order sizes and offering late-night deliveries. The company has also increased reliability by controlling its own delivery service, allowing couriers to make up to six deliveries in an hour. 
From Frank Sinatra impersonators delivering whiskey to Nick Jonas delivering vodka with an acoustic performance, Saucey has found unique ways to market themselves in new cities. But Vaughn says the main focus of the company is to strategically grow their existing markets.
“We fundamentally think of drinking as an experience, so every delivery needs to be an experience,” Vaughn explained. “We want our brand to be synonymous with wanting to have a drink. The best analogy is Shazaam. Its on your phone and you never think about it but when you hear a song you don’t know, you automatically pull out your phone. That’s the way we want people thinking about Saucey.”
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