Threekit Announces Its Augmented Reality, Three-In-One Platform

Threekit's tech helps companies create virtual renders of their products.

Written by Gordon Gottsegen
Published on Oct. 15, 2019
Threekit Announces Its Augmented Reality, Three-In-One Platform
Threekit platform launch

Threekit is in the business of creating images of products that don't exist.

How does that work? Let's use an example: Say you're a furniture company that sells dozens of couches in different shapes and sizes. And let's say that you have 100 different fabrics that each couch can be made with. Would you fill your show room with thousands of variations of every couch, with every type of fabric? You probably wouldn't.

What Threekit does is use computer graphics to create virtual representations of these objects instead — whether that means creating a visualization of the product with different materials, different color pallets, or creating a render of a product that has yet to be produced.

Last week the company announced the launch of its new platform, which allows companies to create photorealistic, interactive 3D and augmented reality visuals. These three different visualization options give Threekit's customers a handful of formats to create digital renders.

“Selling through e-commerce is all about reducing people's uncertainty about the purchase,” Threekit Founder and CTO Ben Houston told Built In. “One of these uncertainties is the visual aspect — what does it look like? By making these perfect visuals, we reduce that uncertainty.”

He continues, “The next uncertainty is spatial — whether the thing actually fits. And that's what our AR does. By putting both these elements on our platform, we address these concerns that a customer may have in their head.”

Threekit is used by all sorts of businesses to visualize things beyond furniture. The technology is used for digital renders of clothing, jewelry, handbags and even toys. Threekit has even partnered with vodka brand Ciroc for its line of customizable liquor bottles. With the Threekit technology, users who visit the brand's site are able to customize bottles with a message or design. 

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