Wine Marketplace Unicorn Launches With $5.8M Seed Round

The company plans to enhance its platform and expand its team with the new capital.

Published on May. 02, 2024
Wine Marketplace Unicorn Launches With $5.8M Seed Round
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Unicorn, a newly launched platform for spirits and wine collectors, has raised $5.8 million in seed funding. The company was founded by early Uber alumni Phil Mikhaylov and Kenny Tsai. It works to offer a comprehensive solution for discovering, buying, selling, vaulting and digitally tracking spirits and wines.

The company operates an online and app-based platform designed to modernize the fragmented spirits and wine industry. Alongside offering a marketplace for everyday bottles and rare collectibles, Unicorn’s online and app-based platform lets users manage their collections. The company has already facilitated over 3.2 million bids and achieved nearly $100 million in platform sales.

Venture capital investors including Protagonist, Blue Equity and 640 Oxford participated in the company’s seed funding round. Unicorn plans to invest in blockchain and RFID technology to give users proof of ownership and enable global digital transactions. The company will also expand its marketing efforts, launch new business lines and grow its team at its Chicago headquarters.

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