TechStars Chicago

TechStars Chicago

Year Founded: 2010

<p>TechStars is the #1 startup accelerator in the world. &nbsp;We’re very selective – Although thousands of companies apply each year, we only invest our money and time in about ten companies per program location. We have selection rates lower than the Ivy League, so you have to be among the best of the best to earn investment from TechStars.</p><p>We offer seven TechStars programs in&nbsp;<a href="">top startup locations</a>&nbsp;(Boston, Boulder, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, London, and Cloud in San Antonio), on a&nbsp;<a href="">regular schedule</a>. &nbsp;We invest $118K in each company we fund through $18K in seed funding and an optional $100K convertible debt note. TechStars itself is backed by over 75 different venture capital firms and angel investors who are vested in their success. We also provide three months of intensive&nbsp;<a href="">top-notch mentorship</a>, incredible&nbsp;<a href="">perks</a>, and the chance to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program. Our companies average over $1.4M in outside venture capital raised after leaving TechStars. Look for yourself – see the&nbsp;<a href="">full details and get statistical results</a>.</p>

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