5 Chicago Internet-of-Things (IoT) Companies to Know

Written by Andreas Rekdal
Published on Mar. 29, 2024
5 Chicago Internet-of-Things (IoT) Companies to Know

Internet-of-things technology allows companies to track their equipment, monitor energy consumption and track the vital signs of humans and machines alike. And as a hotbed for logistics, industry and medical innovation, it should come as no surprised that Chicago is a major player in IoT. If you’re looking to get familiar with the local ecosystem, these companies would be an excellent place to start.


Chamberlain Group develops smart tech solutions to enhance security for homes, businesses and other physical spaces. For example, its LiftMaster brand offers Wi-Fi-enabled garage door openers and access control systems for gated housing communities, all of which can be operated through Chamberlain’s myQ ecosystem.


Cooler Screens is developing IoT-enabled screens for retail coolers and freezers— think the grocery store cold food aisle — designed to enhance the consumer experience and unlock new marketing opportunities.


Hologram makes tools for bringing connected devices online. Founded in 2013, the Chicago startup sells global SIM cards that let companies bring their IoT devices online more or less anywhere in the world without relying on Wi-Fi or worrying about which mobile carrier to use. Hologram also provides a range of software for aggregating, monitoring and analyzing data gathered by IoT devices and for managing those devices remotely.

Location, location, location. That’s been HERE’s area of expertise since its founding in 1985. But while the company started out digitizing maps for use in in-car navigation, it has since broadened its scope to lay the groundwork for smart cities and autonomous transportation. HERE also makes tracking software that lets companies keep track of their assets —  inside and outside — all around the world. The company’s tracking technology is compatible with a broad range of hardware and can provide precise location data without relying on GPS.


Many infections can be stopped from spreading in hospitals through following simple hand hygiene procedures. SwipeSense deploys a combination of connected sensors and trackable employee badges to help healthcare providers improve compliance with those procedures. But the Chicago startup is also adapting its technology for tracking the movement of equipment, personnel and patients through the facility. According to CEO Mert Iseri, SwipeSense’s ultimate goal is to deploy connected technology to make all hospitals boring and predictable.

This story was originally published in 2018. Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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