Here’s When and How to Use Chicago’s 5 Rideshare and Taxi Apps

Written by Andreas Rekdal
Published on Jan. 08, 2016
Here’s When and How to Use Chicago’s 5 Rideshare and Taxi Apps
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Earlier this week, the city of Chicago announced that Arro and Curb will be the official cab-hailing apps for taxi companies in the city. That means Chicago cabbies will be required to use one of the two services whenever on duty starting February 1.

By our count, that means there are now six different rideshare and taxi apps to navigate for people looking to get around Chicago. Here is a quick summary of what they are and how they differ.


Lyft offers regular rides for groups of up to 4, with a Lyft Plus option for groups of up to six. Last month, the company also introduced Lyft Line, which lets riders carpool in many Chicago neighborhoods.



Founded in San Francisco in 2009, Uber is probably the best known ridesharing service available to Chicagoans. The standard Uber ride is for a single rider or group of riders, but UberPool, a carpooling option, is also available in certain locations. There’s also an SUV options for larger groups.


One of Chicago’s two official taxi apps, Curb has been in the city since 2009. Curb connects riders with cab drivers, with pricing determined by Chicago’s official fare rates.

Images via Uber, Lyft, Via, DivvyRide, Curb, and Arro.

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