Graduate Student Consulting Teams In Search of Clients

Written by Dr. Cutler
Published on Aug. 12, 2011
Graduate Student Consulting Teams In Search of Clients

I’ve been asked to run an MBA class starting beginning of September at IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) Stuart Graduate School of Business.  It's an experimental capstone class I have labeled Business Strategy Consulting.  Graduate consulting teams will be assigned to work with existing businesses that have a defined business problem that needs to be addressed. The optimal client profile would be as follows:

  • Has a minimum of $100k in annual revenue
  • Has a defined business problem in the area of marketing, distribution, new product direction, strategic partnerships, growth strategies, funding strategies, etc
  • Problem can be defined and initially solved within 3 months (beginning of Sept thru end of November)
  • Technology is well understood
  • Based in Chicago area
  • CEO can commit to spend up to 2 hours/week directing the team and reviewing final team presentation mid-December

Thought one of you involved with Built in Chicago might be interested in obtaining some great consulting help. Did I mention the cost is free?

I will serve as mentor and advisor to each team. Like many of you, I am a serial internet software start-up entrepreneur, but hail from Silicon Valley. You can catch me on LinkedIn.

Thanks in advance for considering this opportunity.  I can best be reached at [email protected] and/or 619/977-1754


Regards, Fred Cutler

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