Narrative Science unveils enhanced version of Quill Engage

Written by Sam Dewey
Published on Sep. 01, 2015
Narrative Science unveils enhanced version of Quill Engage


Narrative Science has a way with words.

Because of that talent, they’ve built up a pretty solid reputation for storytelling. Their artificial intelligence-powered natural language generation platform, Quill, helps turn piles of data into comprehensible narratives that help enterprises make more informed decisions. In July, they released a book on artificial intelligence that helps demystify the industry and arm businesses with tips and hints.

And today, they’re releasing an enhanced version of Quill Engage to extend their lead in natural language generation innovation. Introducing the new and improved Quill Engage, an application that automatically translates an ocean of Google Analytics data into reports your team can understand and act upon.

“Small businesses and marketing agencies can struggle with understanding what is driving website performance but with Quill Engage, the data is analyzed and presented in a way that almost anyone can understand,” said Stuart Frankel, co-founder and CEO at Narrative Science in a statement. “By upgrading to the new version of Quill Engage, users can spend more time improving a business’ digital presence and less time trying to make sense of the huge volumes of data generated by Google Analytics.”

Quill Engage’s digestible reports include all the need-to-know information about your site traffic, from content engagement and sources to paid search and audience metrics.

The enhanced version of the software provides users with a more holistic portrait of a website’s user behavior. Quill Engage allows users to add additional websites and customize reports with brand standards and key performance metrics. In addition, reports can now be easily shared with the people who need them most through an automated scheduling feature.

Quill Engage is still available through a free subscription plan, with the more comprehensive reporting offered through basic and premium pricing options.

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