With a Focus on Progressive Culture and Individual Growth, Working at Hyatt Feels Like a Much-Needed Vacation

Hyatt may be best known for global luxury hospitality brands, but for job seekers, its supportive culture and expansive opportunities make Hyatt a great place to grow a career.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Jun. 09, 2023
With a Focus on Progressive Culture and Individual Growth, Working at Hyatt Feels Like a Much-Needed Vacation
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Across Hyatt, nothing is one-size-fits-all.

For customers, the family of brands is known worldwide for properties that offer an array of accommodations to serve every traveler, from business amenities through the Hyatt Place brand to Miraval resorts’ luxury wellness.

And within the organization, robust resources for growth and mobility, paired with a company-wide focus on wellbeing, foster a holistic approach to development for each individual employee.

As Hyatt continues to expand its brand footprint, it offers individuals more possibilities than ever, Dusty Perryman, a corporate Agile coach at Hyatt, told Built In.

“There are opportunities to engage with people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds and experiences,” he said. “Each day is a chance to learn something new, try something different and know that you have the support to be your best self.”

Dina Niekamp, associate vice president of sales, marketing and brand for Miraval Resorts and Spas, echoed Perryman’s sentiments and credits the organization’s leadership for encouraging forward mobility for their colleagues.

“There is endless opportunity at both the property and corporate level. While a large company, it operates as a family with true investment in its teammates,” Niekamp said. “With a focus on goal setting, Hyatt colleagues can push themselves to identify what path they want to journey down and strive to set individual development and business goals to achieve them.”

By investing in corporate management training and stretch opportunities supporting properties opening, closing or in need of leadership assistance, Hyatt has built a culture of growth and excellence for all employees—one that continues to develop as Hyatt expands.

“With high consumer demand, we have an opportunity to evaluate our processes and procedures from a position of strength,” said Alex Mann, an account manager supporting ALG Vacations (Hyatt acquired ALG in 2021). “Alongside growth in the business, forward thinking results in more opportunities to grow teams and team members.”

Forward thinking results in more opportunities to grow.”


Hyatt’s growth across its brands and properties offers expansive opportunities to thrive alongside robust benefits packages to support work-life balance while at home, as well.

Built In heard from Perryman, Niekamp and Mann about what they value about Hyatt’s progressive and inclusive culture and how Hyatt has supported their own career journeys.


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“I now dream bigger”

Mann’s journey with Hyatt first began as an intern at The Mark Travel Group while a college senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Over the next decade and through two acquisitions and a merger, Mann grew from an associate manager sales role to managing some of ALG Vacations’ largest accounts.

“Being open to new possibilities, having a desire to learn new skills, meeting new people and quality relationship building have led my career journey so far,” Mann said. “Working with Hyatt and ALG has offered me the opportunity to grow both professionally, and in my passion for the travel industry, as my career has developed over the years.”

Perryman, too, first joined Hyatt as a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin system. Following his graduation from University of Wisconsin – Stout with a degree in hotel, restaurant and tourism management, Perryman entered Hyatt’s corporate management training program at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. After completing the program, Perryman held roles across the hotel’s health club, restaurant and banquet departments before briefly taking an opportunity outside the Hyatt organization.

But after a year, Perryman returned to the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, and over time, he sought a master’s in leadership with Hyatt’s support, which he soon put to use as the director of the property’s human resources department. Perryman’s extensive leadership experience led him to move into Hyatt’s corporate office, where he is now able to support leaders across the organization.

For Perryman, Hyatt’s focus on individual growth keeps him committed to the company. “Hyatt provides an environment that is supportive of both your professional and personal passions,” he said.

Perryman is not unique as a boomerang employee at Hyatt. Niekamp, too, returned to Hyatt after time away with the goal to build a long-lasting career at the company.

After first joining Park Hyatt Chicago in 2011 in a sales role, Niekamp spent several years building her marketing experience in lifestyle and hospitality roles before joining the corporate team supporting Miraval Resorts and Spas in 2020. Since then, Niekamp has had the opportunity to grow from director of brand and marketing to associate vice president of sales, marketing and brand —with immense opportunities still ahead.

“My leaders have motivated me and encouraged me to push myself further,” she said. “I now dream bigger with how I can support Hyatt, which keeps me excited to keep investing in our efforts. I know there is always room for personal growth.”

I now dream bigger with how I can support Hyatt, which keeps me excited to keep investing in Hyatt.”


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“I was able to pursue a new opportunity with the company I love”


The support offered to Hyatt employees isn’t limited to career advancement. Both Perryman and Niekamp point out ways that opportunities and policies at Hyatt have supported them and their families as they’ve grown within the organization.

In 2021, Perryman had the opportunity to lead an Agile pod within Hyatt’s corporate office while still full-time at Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, which contributed to his interest in seeking a new opportunity within Hyatt. Traditionally, Hyatt’s corporate roles have often required relocation to the Hyatt’s Chicago headquarters. But the changing work landscape of the last few years offered the opportunity for Perryman to take on a new role remotely.

“When I took on my role as a corporate Agile coach in fall 2022, I was able to pursue a new opportunity with the company I love without having to relocate my family,” he said. “Remote work has been a change, but I am still able to engage with my former colleagues here in Minneapolis while building strong relationships with the corporate team.”

Hyatt’s policies also supported Niekamp through changes to her professional and personal life—this time through their parental leave policies.

“Not every company understands the importance of supporting their colleagues on their parenting journeys, and the value Hyatt places on maternity benefits earns loyalty in return,” Niekamp said.

As she navigates parenthood and professional growth, Niekamp also turns to the wellbeing tools offered by the company, including Miraval’s mindfulness video library and Hyatt’s complimentary membership to HeadSpace for colleagues.

But beyond the perks that come with the job, one less tangible wellbeing benefit stands out to Niekamp: her connections with her colleagues. And just like the growth structure and personal development trajectories, nothing about the relationships she’s developed with her coworkers is one-size-fits-all.

“Human connection is the most important wellbeing tool we have, and Hyatt’s supportive and inclusive culture has been the most treasured tool there is,” she said.


The term “Hyatt” is used in this article for convenience to refer to Hyatt Hotels Corporation and/or one or more of its affiliates.



Hyatt offers an array of resources that help create a progressive work environment with room for growth and mobility, including:


  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) commitments: When brought to life through action, DE&I commitments are an unstoppable force for good and critical to fulfilling our purpose of care. We are committed to advancing DE&I and hold ourselves urgently accountable to do better.
    • We have made significant strides through strong Diversity Business Resource Groups, launching our Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council, training our people managers on how to lead inclusively and ensuring inclusion and diversity are embedded within our talent management practices.


  • Wellbeing: We believe that by cultivating a workplace where colleagues can be their best selves at work, we enable them to discover what truly makes them feel healthy, happy and fulfilled – in work and life.  Examples of our initiatives to date include:
    • Our annual Global Day of Gratitude, which encourages Hyatt colleagues, guests, members, and customers to take a moment out of their day and show gratitude to enhance their wellbeing. Colleagues can send personalized gratitude notes digitally to anyone in the world on an ongoing basis through Gifts of Gratitude.
    • Our Global Wellbeing Week, offering a week of programming, discussions, resources, and tools that support Hyatt’s wellbeing strategy and purpose of care.
    • Our Global Family Assistance Policy, which placed us among the first companies of our size in our industry to provide primary caregivers or domestic partners with paid time off after childbirth or adoption, as well as financial assistance for adoption.


  • Career growth: Many of our colleagues have built long, fulfilling careers at Hyatt. We believe in the breadth of opportunities that make the hospitality industry a special place to be, with our unique differentiator being the care of the Hyatt family that makes it even more special to stay and our transformative growth, which allows for greater talent mobility and more options to chart their career journeys by exploring new roles, different brands, and global opportunities.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

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