Say hello to Yello as Recsolu introduces new corporate identity

Written by Sam Dewey
Published on Jul. 07, 2015
Say hello to Yello as Recsolu introduces new corporate identity


Graduating college and transitioning to life in the workplace is an enormous opportunity for young professionals to rebrand their image to something a little more, say, grown-up.  

One Chicago-based startup is doing just that. Recsolu, a leader in college recruitment management for everything from events, resume collection, and talent relations, is bringing its recruitment skills to professional and executive spaces and has now formally rebranded to Yello.

Both the move to corporate spaces and the rebrand, according to Yello CEO and co-founder Jason Weingarten, is a natural and logical progression.

“If you saw a really talented freshmen who you wanted to recruit, they wouldn't be able to work for you full time until they graduate,” said Weingarten. “In the professional space, you might meet someone who is exceptional but very happy and very well paid. By using our software, you’ll be able to manage your relationship with a candidate until they are ready to move to something else.”

The company, which launched in 2008, became incredibly popular for campus recruiting with companies across the globe, according to Weingarten. Due to that success, the company began looking into passive recruiting trends within the corporate world. They began offering their recruitment management software to businesses looking not only for on-campus hires but also for talent already in professional roles, and they've seen impressive results.

They’ve already landed over 100 enterprise customers—a quarter of which are Fortune 100 companies.

Weingarten said the rebrand helps personalize its corporate users. While the corporation itself and all of its software for professional recruiting has branded under Yello, the company will retain Recsolu for all of its campus products—mostly due to the established clout Recsolu’s name already enjoys.

Along those lines, the company has introduced three recruitment management product lines, including Yello Enterprise for large businesses, Yello SMB for small and mid-sized companies, and Recsolu Campus, which will help all companies manage their campus recruitment efforts.

Last November, private growth equity investor First Analysis led the company’s $6M Series A round, which was used in part to grow their team. The company now has a roster of almost 50 employees, but recruiting new talent remains a top priority—particularly for key roles on their engineering and business teams.

“Our biggest challenge now is scaling our business from a people standpoint,” said Weingarten. “It’s exciting that we have great recruiting software that helps our team—just like we help other enterprise organizations. We get to eat our own dog food.”

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