4 Chicago Social Media Marketing Agencies Getting the Word Out

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Feb. 02, 2024
4 Chicago Social Media Marketing Agencies Getting the Word Out

If you’ve ever liked an Instagram photo before realizing it’s an advertisement, you’re not alone. Social media has exploded into a major advertising channel, curating unique, quirky and aesthetically pleasing branded content that consumers want to like.

For these Chicago social media marketing agencies, most or all of their focus is on the social space, connecting audiences with brands and businesses through major platforms like Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Top Chicago Social Media Agencies

  • BCV
  • Matchnode
  • Perfect Search Media
  • Basis Technologies



Founded: 2012

What they do: Matchnode is a digital agency specializing in paid social marketing along with multiple traditional digital services. The firm uses Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms to perform more precise targeting for businesses, reach new audiences through mobile channels and overall craft social strategies that complement business objectives.


Founded: 2009

What they do: BCV provides the hospitality industry with social media solutions. Combining their team of hospitality and social media masters with proprietary tech solutions, the agency is able to monitor the social space at all hours, provide analytical reports and assess channel growth to ultimately drive revenue through social content.


Founded: 2010

What they do: Perfect Search is a search and social marketing agency using proprietary technology to enhance brand awareness and drive traffic for B2B and B2C businesses. The analytical-minded team specializes in the major social platforms, optimizing accounts, tracking conversions and goals and other services to ensure companies get the most out of their social advertising strategy.


Founded: 2001

What they do: Basis Technologies builds software solutions to support advertising operations. Its platform gives marketers access to a lineup of tools, data and automations with applications for a variety of ad channels, including social. For example, the company offers integrations that allow users to monitor Snapchat and TikTok ad performance in real time.

This article was originally published in 2018. Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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