Top reasons why medical school should be your preferred choice

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Published on Nov. 21, 2014
Top reasons why medical school should be your preferred choice

For many students getting into medical school is a big achievement, but still there are some students who need extra cajoling before they are convinced that medicine is a safe and satisfying career option that will change their life for the better. Even students and practitioners sometimes need assurances that they in fact did the right thing by getting into medicine, which is all but natural as we all at one time or the other have questioned ourselves about the utility of our chosen profession and tried to justify our choice.

That medicine is such a sought after profession should be enough motivation to get into a medical school, but for the cynics out there who are not ready to make a commitment before they have all the facts before them, here we have compiled some very compelling reasons for studying medicine: 

1.       You are inundated with a range of options after completing medical school: Once aspect about medicine that stands it apart is flexibility, something which is like a mirage with most other jobs. Possibilities and opportunities will keep knocking at your door time and again and you will glow in the company of highly educated and successful individuals. Their success will rub off on you and you will get the motivation to scale greater heights in your career.

The thing about medicine is it is so broad that an individual of any particular type of personality would fit into it. Even career opportunities in the field of alternative medicine, which is making a comeback of sorts, are no less impressive and can be a viable option for many.

2.       Medicine gives you direction and a stable career: The moment you have registered yourself to a medical school you can afford to give yourself a pat on the back. It is because medicine apart from opening a window of opportunities before you, gives you a rock solid career that can see you through the ups and downs of life.

There is no denying that studying medicine is expensive and you have to put in enough labor to come up with good results in graduation, but once you crossed those hurdles life can only get rosier as by then you would have acquired some of the most marketable skills in the market.


3.        You will have lots of admirers: What more can you ask for other than a profession that not just keeps the money rolling in, but lets you bag all the accolades? After all everyone sees medicine as a noble profession and respect for the practitioner is instantaneous, unless of course the individual is involved in any unlawful activities. The admiration for medical practitioners is not going to die anytime soon, which is very unlikely, and it a prime reason why you should choose this profession.

4.       A well-paid job with a lot of perks: It is not that you will be starving if you choose any other profession, but yet if you go for medicine you are more likely to lead a more carefree life with fewer worries about stuff like buying that latest designer jacket or suit. And since money is not going to that big an issue, as you will be earning decent salaries, you wouldn’t be required to make too many sacrifices in life. Medicine practitioners frequently enter at the top of the list of highest paid jobs in the world, which is enough incentive for many to take up the profession.

5.       There is nothing called a niche market in the medical profession: Medicine truly cuts across all boarders and is a truly universal profession. From children to women to the old, everybody needs the attention of a doctor at some point in their life and will keep coming to you. Yes, you may hold specialization in a particular field, but even than the clients will never die up, unlike in many other professions that have to close shop because their client base has disappeared. No chance of such a thing happening with a medical practitioner, unless of course you are a total disaster.

6.       You skill sets are globally recognized: There are not many professions like medicine that are so much in demand cutting across countries. And given this huge demand for a medical practitioner, it is much easier for you to get a visa to countries, in case you a travel freak that is, that otherwise wouldn’t give you a second look. Your skill sets make you valuable and every country wants to utilize your vast knowledge and expertise. The thing is removing a gallbladder is the same whether you do the surgery in the US or the Netherlands; the geographical difference has no bearing on how the surgery is carried out.

7.       Medicine opens a world of opportunity for you: Once you have had your MD degree, you will be catapulted into a very exclusive league and your voice would carry a lot of weight. Medical entrepreneurship and technology, which is a huge industry today with investors pumping in huge money, is tailor-made for these medical practitioners. You can use your MD degree to get direct access to a vast network of people with money and clout looking for investment opportunities to invest their residual income. The medical degree lends a sense of credibility to your commitments and so budding investors would pursue you until you agree to do business with them!

8.       Helping people, the greatest of all gifts: Many choose medicine for this simple reason alone, not even bothering to look at what they stand to gain in return. And these are the people who make this profession so noble. Being a doctor you will find that the fate of many lives will rest on your able hands and the satisfaction that comes with successfully treating them is matchless. No amount of money can buy the level of job satisfaction that this profession brings; in fact none comes close. Saving a patient and bringing smiles to his face, giving him a new life…can anything be more important than that??

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