Dev Bootcamp: Sells out 2013, Employer Days begin

by Dave Hoover
June 20, 2013

Since my last post about Dev Bootcamp's on-ramp into Chicago, we've opened our doors to our first 3 cohorts, with our first cohort graduating tomorrow, and our 4th cohort arriving this Monday, June 24th. The 9 weeks that we've been running our program have been a whirlwind, and I need to take a minute to update the community on a few happenings.

First, we've sold out our 162 Chicago slots in 2013 and are already starting to accept students into our early 2014 cohorts.

Second, we now have a Chicago staff of 11 full-time employees and a host of part-time contributors who spend their days delivering an amazing program to our students.

Third, we have over 70 volunteer mentors working with our students on a weekly basis. People like Anthony Broad-Crawford (GiveForward), Corey Ehmke (, Jennifer Alons (Groupon), Trevor Turk (37 Signals), and Josh Cheek (8th Light) have been extremely generous with their time. Our mentors are pretty happy with the experience so far.

Fourth, we've "sold out" the 15 slots for our first Employer Day tomorrow. This is an opportunity for companies like Groupon, Spartz Media, Winestyr, and Table XI to get to know our most recent graduates. These conversations tend to lead to job offers in the weeks after graduation.
Lastly, we're having Employer Days every 3 weeks for the rest of the year. If you're interested in meeting our students at one of our events, you can sign up here.
We're obviously excited to see what happens next!

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