Escape the cubicle: 5 Chicago offices you'll want to work at

by James Risley
January 26, 2017

A great office not only makes work a more enjoyable place for employees to spend time, but can also help them stay productive, creative and engaged. If you’re looking for a new job, you'll want to check out these awesome office spaces. 


Supply chain tech provider project44 has built a haven for employees. Not only does the office have great views, but it also has semi-private workspaces that take advantage of that great view. The company wants to fight back against the pressures that come with standard tech jobs and offer an environment that helps employees deal with the stresses of startup life.

“From the abundant light and floor-to-ceiling walls donned with real plants to the long row of Steelcase Brody WorkLounges [the chairs pictured above], the space is designed to help us cut out distractions and remain focused,” said VP of marketing Ally Lynch. “Conversely, when it’s time to blow off some steam, our competitive spirit comes out in regular games of Ping-Pong and PacMan.”


Payline Data moved into a brand new office space right before the holidays. The company had outgrown its previous space and was divided between two spaces before the move, but now the team is united. The new space comes with perks like a bocce ball court, a library with a fireplace and an office-wide Sonos sound system to give each workday a soundtrack.

“Being back under one roof again, I see people connecting more than ever,” said Dana Kemmerle-Gunn, director of operations. “I love walking by our lunch tables and seeing a support rep, risk manager, and marketing specialist all having lunch together!”

“Our new office enables and promotes department and office collaboration,” said account relationship manager Buffy Ensing. “We are open to discuss, answer questions and work closely with our colleagues, depending upon what is needed — a much better way to serve our customers.”


Devbridge offers employees plenty of places to work that fit their various needs. From quiet corners to collaborative spaces where employees can spread out, Devbridge fosters any working style.

“We didn’t want to make the office too cozy — that’s not our brand,” president and co-founder Aurimas Adomavicius said. He said he wanted the office to feel airy, open and enjoyable for employees, but “at the same time, everything has a function and is very much oriented toward results.”

However, employees can blow off some steam and pump up creativity with a ping-pong match or a quick chat across the open office.


There’s a real sense of history at PEAK6 Investments’ offices. Employees sit in what was once the historic Chicago Board of Trade, helping the fintech company keep in touch with the deep Chicago roots it’s growing out of.

“On one side, the 40-foot tall iconic windows overlooking LaSalle Street,” said COO Jason Kunreuther. “On the other, a massive staircase and mezzanine clad in marble and glass that serve as a home for in office events, meetings, and social gatherings. Around the office is a private art collection that rivals many museums. Our collection features dozens of unique pieces, including a self-portrait by American photorealist Chuck Close.”


Another company with a new office, Shiftgig's new place reflects their recent growth

“Our West Loop penthouse suite is a significant step up from our River North office, especially when it comes to space,” said director of marketing Tricia Cagua. “And at the rate we're growing, we need it.”

The new space has plenty of private rooms for getting work done, while open rows of desks encourage collaboration. Of course, the company has startup staples like a ping pong table, but darts and other games are also offered for some relaxation, along with a kegerator to encourage some post-work team bonding.


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