These 12 Tech Companies Are In the Market for New Talent

Open roles, positive employee feedback and thoughtful perks come naturally to these Chicago companies.

Written by Jessica Powers
Published on Jun. 28, 2023
These 12 Tech Companies Are In the Market for New Talent
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The middle of the year can sometimes feel like a slog when it comes to reaching those yearly projects and hiring goals. But for these Chicago tech companies, midsummer — and growth — is in full swing.

Whether you’re looking for a role in engineering, product development or even sales, these 12 companies have lots of roles open. Plus, these companies boast positive employee feedback as well as thoughtful perks like flexible time off, adoption assistance, remote work and 401(k) matching programs. 



What they do: The fintech company is the eighth largest credit union in the U.S. and has an 87-year-long history of providing banking services, investment solutions and a variety of loan options for consumers. 

Notable perks: As a financial services provider, Alliant Credit Union emphasizes the importance of financial well-being for its employees. The company provides a generous 401(k) matching program as well as discounted loan rates. Alliant Credit Union also partners with World Wide Technology to provide both company’s employees with high-rate savings and checking accounts, discounted rates for mortgage, auto and personal loans as well as ATM fee rebates and cashback credit cards.

They’re hiring: Alliant Credit Union is hiring for a variety of hybrid positions based out of its Chicago office — including roles in customer care, underwriting and service desk. 



From Chicago, with love! Screencastify HQ is in the Fulton Market neighborhood. When we're not in the office, you can find us grabbing lunch from the myriad of nearby restaurants, taking an afternoon fitness class at the in-building gym, or clinking glasses at a team happy hour.

What they do: The Chicago-based software company provides video recording solutions used widely across the education and business industries. Teachers use Screencastify software to record video lessons, feedback and learning experiences. Businesses can use Screencastify across a variety of departments including engineering, customer support, marketing, project management and more. 

Notable perks: Screencastify invests in employee well-being by providing flexible time-off, generous parental leave, 401(k) matching and remote work options. 

They’re hiring: The company is hiring for a variety of roles both based in Chicago and remotely. Open roles at Screencastify range from engineering to sales positions as well as product leadership and product management. 



Our office is located in the Accenture Tower, which is the same building as Ogilvie Train Station and across the street from Union station. Our building offers a long list of amenities, such as a free gym and tenant lounge, and is surrounded by great restaurants and transportation hubs.

What they do: Founded in 2014, Supernova Technology is a fintech company that offers securities-based lending solutions for brokers, banks, RIAs and technology companies. Supernova Technology’s software is a cloud-based, customizable automated lending platform that lasts the lifespan of each loan. Supernova aims to empower financial advisors to help clients reach financial wellness by partnering with major banks, insurance companies and online brokerages. 

Notable perks: Supernova Technology supports its employees both financially and in their personal lives. The company’s benefits include 401(k) matching, comprehensive insurance options as well as flexible time off, adoption assistance and remote work opportunities. 

They’re hiring: Supernova Technology’s Chicago office has opened across several different departments on a hybrid basis. The company’s open roles are in fields like engineering, design, data, operations, project management and product development. 



Our office is across from Millennium Park. We are near major bus lines and the El, and the underground Pedway provides direct access to our building.

What they do: Analytics8 uses big data, cloud technology and analytics to provide a plethora of data solutions to businesses and clients. The company’s services range from data analysis and management to data strategy and governance as well as cloud services and data architecture. Founded in 2002, Analytics8 has grown from a one-person company to a team of over 200 across the U.S. 

Employee buzz: Analytics8 prioritizes employee engagement and growth by ensuring projects are actually exciting to work on and encouraging collaboration. 

Hart Shuford, consulting director at Analytics8, described her feelings about what it’s like to work at Analytics8. “I am lucky to work for a company that believes in the power of continuous learning and professional development as much as I do,” Shuford told Built In Chicago. “I try to motivate and inspire women at my company by providing encouragement and empowering them to be bold and true to themselves.”

They’re hiring: Analytics8 is growing and looking to fill roles in its namesake department: data and analytics. 



Co-located with BCG in one of the firm’s most influential offices, the Digital Ventures Chicago Center is uniquely positioned in the heart of the city as a conduit to everything it offers.

What they do: BCG X is a firm that disrupts the present and creates the future by building bold new products, services, and businesses.

What they’re up to: BCG X is working to weave artificial intelligence into the fashion industry by creating a migration of customer journeys for online retailers and fashion platforms. The company is aiming to deliver thoughtful experiences to consumers while keeping sustainability at the top of mind. The company uses AI to streamline processes like demand planning, store assortment, customer engagement and promotion management.

Employee buzz: Collaboration is key at BCG X. And lead product managers, like Anne Jiao, are well aware of this. 

“Collaboration means making sure that we are setting the right tools and processes for the team to interact effectively. It’s always surprising how a great meeting cadence can help drive better relationships,” Jiao told Built In Chicago. “Having a good communication style — whether it’s verbal, written or visual — to align the product vision is crucial to creating effective ownership across the team. As a bonus, it also helps to create trust with the engineering team.” 



We are located in the historic Old Post Office building.

What they do: Known for its IT capabilities, Cisco Meraki provides cloud software solutions, access products and hardware for businesses and enterprises. Cisco Meraki serves a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, high education, retail, hospitality, small businesses and much more. 

Notable perks: Cisco Meraki is big on work-life balance, which is made clear through its benefits. The company offers generous time off, company-wide time off, mental health and wellness initiatives, as well as fertility support. 

They’re hiring: Cisco Meraki is growing a lot this year and is currently hiring for over 50 roles. Hybrid and remote positions range from operations and data and analytics to project management and design. 



Located in the heart of the West Loop, a vibrant and rapidly growing tech neighborhood, our new HQ is accessible by all forms of transportation. CTA trains and busses run nearby, while a shuttle from the Metra stations makes it easy for suburban commuters.

What they do: While McDonald’s might be known for serving burgers and fries across the globe for over 65 years, the company also uses a diverse set of IT, mobile and e-commerce technologies to power its global operations. 

The tech they use: While software and mobile applications are a big part of how McDonald’s supports its global franchise, the hardware it uses in its retail storefronts are crucial to the everyday relationships (and tastes) it shares with customers. 

Beth Porter, Strategic Communications and Alignment, for McDonald’s recently emphasized the importance of the hardware powering McDonald’s stores in a Medium article. “Hardware infrastructure is a foundational component to delivering new capabilities and features. From eye-catching digital menu boards to kiosks where customers can conveniently place orders, to kitchen monitors that expedite food preparation, restaurant hardware has evolved to meet the needs of today’s customers.” 

They’re hiring: This food and tech giant is luckily hiring for a lot of roles (over 100 positions). Open roles at McDonald’s focus on responsibilities ranging from cybersecurity and engineering to product management and operations.



What they do: Chime is known for providing easy-to-use, mobile banking services for individuals. Customers of the company can use Chime’s financial platform for checking and savings accounts and debit cards as well as the option to get paid early from an employer. Chime also offers no overdraft fees, no minimum balance requirements and secure payments to anyone no matter what bank they use. 

Notable perks: Employees at Chime (also known as Chimers) have access to a wide array of benefits. Chime provides support to its employees both in their financial and personal lives through benefits like 401(k) matching, financial planning services, family planning services and mental health days.

They’re hiring: Chime is currently hiring for nearly 20 roles across a variety of departments, including marketing, project management, engineering, operations, data analytics and more. 



Our company is in a trendy area with plenty of bars and restaurants in downtown Chicago.

What they do: Atlas is a leader in the HR management software space, providing solutions for teams that rely on internal workers and freelancers. Atlas works by taking on the responsibilities of an employer to manage international teams. These responsibilities include onboarding, processing payroll, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and benefits administration. 

Employee buzz: Maintaining balance and doing work that you can be proud of is a big part of how people think and operate at Atlas. Even leaders, like Atlas’ chief operating officer, Anthony Smith, remind themselves of daily habits that keep themselves grounded. He likes to ask himself: “What are you going to be most proud of today?” 

“That simple reminder makes me reflect on the challenges and needs of each day and how I can ensure that when I shut my laptop or lay my head down on my pillow at night, I feel — and, most importantly, my team feels — accomplished,” Smith told Built In Chicago

They’re hiring: Atlas is hiring across its operations, engineering, finance and data and analytics teams. 



Easy commute off of I-88 | Walking distance to variety of food options | ample parking | 100% Remote work for most IT jobs, otherwise "Hybrid"

What they do: Based in Naperville, KeHE Distributors is a food distribution company that uses IT and logistics software and transportation technology to support its distribution of organic, natural and specialty foods. The company also offers solutions for food brands to grow and maintain their reach through KeHE Distributor’s partnerships with national retailers.

Notable perks: KeHE Distributors offers robust family benefits like childcare benefits, family medical leave and generous parental leave. The company also allows for employees to be flexible with their time off, work remotely and get paid for volunteering in the local community. 

They’re hiring: KeHE Distributors is looking to ramp up its hiring in its operations, sales and data analytics departments. 



Pangea is headquartered in Chicago in the Loop.

What they do: Moving money is less complicated with Pangea, a fintech payments company providing mobile apps for easily transferring money. Pangea is known for its international transfer capabilities that allow customers to send money across borders where recipients can get transfers through bank accounts, cash pickup locations and debit card deposits.

Employee buzz: An important element of working at Pangea is how the company encourages skill development and career growth. Shafiq Shariff, SVP, product and innovation, recalls a product development program that spurred growth for the team. 

Pangea is extremely supportive of all employees continuing to build their professional skill sets,” Shariff told Built In Chicago. “A few members of our product team took the Reforge six-week product development program last year, where students learn emerging best practices from others in the industry. A few attended Money 20/20, the premier fintech annual conference, to stay abreast of emerging fintech technologies, and a few stayed local and attended several conferences in and around Chicago including ChiWitCon and ProdCon 22.”

They’re hiring: While Pangea’s team is under 100, the company is looking to grow its engineering and marketing teams. 



The Chicago office is centrally located in the emerging Fulton Market neighborhood just west of the Loop. An L stop a couple blocks away for quick easy access. As well as dozens of restaurants, bars and entertainment so you’re never short of options for an after-work nibble or libation.

What they do: Founded in 2011, Intercom uses artificial intelligence to power its messaging platform. Used by global brands like Amazon, Lyft and Atlassian, the company’s AI and cloud software offers automation and omnichannel messaging solutions for direct communication, marketing and customer service. 

Employee buzz: A pillar of culture at Intercom is collaboration and working across teams. Lauren Kiefer, senior manager, relationship management, believes this is especially true for sales and product teams. 

“I can’t think of a more important relationship than the one between sales and product, Kiefer told Built In Chicago. “If you can strike a balance of open communication filled with consistent, constructive feedback on both sides, you will innovate quickly and thoughtfully, which will lead to more deals.” 

They’re hiring: Intercom is looking to grow its team of over 1,000 even more and expand its sales, operations, finance, project management and engineering teams. 


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images by shutterstock

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