8 Companies Making Chicago a Booming Hub for Cybersecurity

Written by Andreas Rekdal
Published on May. 23, 2024
8 Companies Making Chicago a Booming Hub for Cybersecurity

In many respects, laptops, smartphones and servers have become our closest confidants, holding all of our most critical information. Thankfully, cybersecurity companies are working tirelessly to protect that data, and many of the industry’s most innovative players are located right here in Chicago.

Top Chicago Cybersecurity Companies

  • Keeper Security
  • NowSecure
  • OneSpan
  • Rippleshot


While many of the companies on this list offer cybersecurity protection solutions, CNA partners with organizations to insure against the event of a breach. It provides tech-focused coverage, including cybersecurity insurance, hacker protection, cloud coverage and computer insurance. Headquartered in Chicago, the company partners with customers around the world. 


Coro offers a cybersecurity platform with 14 different security modules to protect endpoint devices, email and user activity and network and cloud environments. It also provides managed services that give businesses access to Coro’s expert team of cybersecurity analysts. Companies operating across industries such as manufacturing, education, finance and software use Coro’s solutions.


Everyone knows that they’re not supposed to re-use the same password over and over again, but come on — how many strong passwords do you remember? Keeper’s mobile app and browser plugin helps consumers and businesses alike create and store secure passwords to keep their digital accounts safe, and lets you create two-step verifications for sites that don’t support them. The company also offers a digital security vault that lets users store and share their most important files securely.


OneSpan offers a suite of cybersecurity solutions ranging from mobile banking security to mobile app security. Their security tools help monitor fraudulent interactions, improve compliance measures and reduce operational costs. The company has over 10,000 clients in the finance, healthcare, e-commerce and government sectors.


Rippleshot employs advanced analytics and machine learning to understand a credit card user’s spending patterns and quickly detect when a card has been compromised. Once fraud has been detected, the company’s algorithms search for patterns across all compromised cards to find out where and when the compromise occurred. In doing so, the startup gives card issuers a chance to shut down other potentially compromised cards before customers fall victim to fraud.


As more of our work is done on mobile devices, it’s important to take a step back to think about how to protect them from breaches. Founded in 2009, NowSecure works with some of the world’s largest financial institutions and with companies in healthcare, defense, energy and manufacturing. Its services include mobile app security testing, incident response and compliance.


Nexum provides a variety of end-to-end IT and cybersecurity solutions. The company’s list of tools includes personalized enterprise security solutions, identity and access management, and cybersecurity infrastructure strength testing. Additionally, Nexum is an authorized enterprise trainer on IT solutions like Palo Alto Networks, Infoblox and Blue Coat.


One of Chicago’s biggest tech employers, Trustwave’s team of cybersecurity experts work directly with companies to manage security risks and protect their data. The company is the home of SpiderLabs, a global team of elite ethical hackers who investigate breaches, reverse-engineer malware and perform regular penetration tests on companies’ systems. It also helps organizations set up secure procedures for bringing employee devices onto their networks.

This article was originally published in 2017. Rose Velazquez and Sara B.T. Thiel contributed reporting to this story.

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