The UX Design Trends This Design Pro is Watching in 2020

Written by Alton Zenon III
January 29, 2020Updated: February 9, 2022
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“In today’s enterprises, developing an application for a single platform or device is a waste of time and money,” said Infostretch User Experience Practice Manager Richard Alvarez. 

Alvarez, who has worked at the digital consultancy for nearly five years, said the key to any tech company finding success hinges on their ability to solve real problems for real people — across all platforms.

To achieve this goal at Infostretch, Alvarez said his team works closely with engineers to understand different platforms, operating systems and device design patterns. Cross-collaboration helps close the knowledge gap for UX professionals while ultimately contributing to the evolution of the company’s digital products.


Richard Alvarez
User Experience Practice Manager


What’s a significant UX design trend you’re focusing on in the year ahead?

In today’s enterprises, developing an application for a single platform or device is a waste of time and money. Focusing on the customer experience and developing features that can solve customer issues across all platforms and devices is a trend that more organizations are moving toward. UX focuses on customer needs, not platforms and devices, so we design solutions catered to real people. 

However, understanding platforms, operating systems and device design patterns is still essential. This knowledge ensures that we design solutions that are appropriate for the digital deliverable they are intended for and take advantage of all they have to offer. 


AI in UX

Artificial intelligence cannot yet replace the human eye’s ability to curate and create, but it can help make designers more efficient. For example, Airbnb is using the technology to turn pen and paper sketches into code in almost real-time. Meanwhile, Adobe Sensei uses AI to help creatives automate time-consuming tasks and create intuitive cross-platform experiences.


What technologies do you see affecting design in 2020?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are an integral part of every aspect of digital delivery today. But the power of AI and ML will only be good if end-user and customer solutions stem from usability, convenience and simplicity; or in other words, good user experiences. 


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