Chicago Lean Startup Challenge 2014 -

September 8, 2014

Over the past eight weeks, we have taken part in the Chicago Lean Start-Up Competition. Going into it, we believed it was not simple for a non-US buyer to discover small to medium size USA equipment and machinery manufacturers. Either the manufacturer did not have a presence in the country or the buyer did not stumble upon them while searching for a supplier. Since they did not discover the manufacturer, they buy from China, Germany, and other more well established competitors.

We set out to validate our hypotheses by reaching out to manufacturers and buyers in LATAM, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South East Asia. We spoke with them about their issues generating international sales and buying capital equipment and machinery respectively. In the end, we found the key problem manufacturers and buyers face is they both waste time and money trying to find one another.

We are building to make matching US-manufacturers with non-US buyers based upon a their equipment specifications QUICK and EASY!!

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