On Demand Dietitian - Lean Start Up Challenge

September 7, 2014

Check out On Demand Dietitian's Lean Startup Challenge video!

Learn about our journey and mission to improve health through better nutrition! 


During our Lean Startup Challenge journey, we learned an incredible amount about the health tech industry, healthcare buyers, and various customer channels!

Our biggest lessons were:

- How to structure our "pilot" (proof of demand) program

- Which customer channels to pursue and what value propositions appeal to which channels

- "Keep it simple." We learned not to get wrapped up in technology aspect but rather to focus on our value and the automation will come. 

Our major pivot was realizing HR departments will not be our main clients. We received great reception from out of pocket payers who valued the convenience aspect of our service. We are ecstatic to revolutionize the traditional, inefficient method of nutrition counseling.

Lean Startup kept us focused on what was important and where to spend energy and time. The experience taught is to "cut the fat" and focus on our value offerings.

Our advisors and mentors throughout the process have incredible. They have been able to provide perspective and insight to the project we have never considered or been exposed to. In addition, the fellow participants stories, struggles, and insight have been invaluable. On Demand Dietitian has evolved tremendously through the challenge. Our team is extremely appreciative of the experience and opportunity!


We encourage you to connect with our team at

www.ondemanddietitian.com @ondemandRD or follow us on LinkedIn! 

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