Homeology - Chicago Lean Startup Challenge 2014

September 7, 2014

Homeology is on the Community Scene!

              Homeology screen shot

Homeology is an online service designed to make it simpler for families to evaluate and choose the community that best suits their lifestyle and needs. Our startup enters the real estate industry with an insight that when finding a home, the community is as important, if not more important than the features of a house. Homeology provides a comprehensive set of data on key community decision factors complemented with visual and real life community experiences to help families better assess potential communities and decide if there is a fit.

Homeology is the e-Harmony for matching you to your ideal community!

The Homeology team is so grateful for the learning experience from the Chicago Lean Startup Challenge 2014. In just 10 short weeks, we have gained so much clarity and moved our company forward in countless ways. We thank the organizers, volunteers, fellow challengers, and advisers who all shared so many suggestions and connections. The Lean Start Up way is a methodology we will continue to embrace as we test, implement and grow!

A Million Thanks!

Team Homeology : Karla, Tammy, Emil and Chuck





Submission Video : http://youtu.be/HPKj_rJpTLg