The Maiden Investment for WLV

by Jeff Carter
May 30, 2017

West Loop Ventures has made its maiden investment.  Recently we closed our first deal in Megalytics.  WLV lead the round and will take a seat on the board.  We were introduced to Megalytics by an earlier investor.

Megalytics is disrupting the way asset managers assess risk in commercial real estate transactions.  They are based in the great city of Chicago.  Their business is nationwide and someday will be international.

Megalytics is a female founded company, which is rare in B2B Fin Tech.  Donna Salvatore started the company and is a very experienced entrepreneur.  She was even a venture capitalist for BP in a previous life.  She is a graduate of the University of Chicago, a Cubs fan, and a leader in the Chicago Economic Club.  Her co-founder is Hank Mendoza.  Hank is also an experienced entrepreneur.  In the early days of Emmi Solutions, he was on the team. Their team is full of people that have deep networks and experience in commercial real estate.  

If you have CRE sales experience and want to hop on a rocketship, they are hiring.  We are so happy to be working with them and a part of their journey.

Megalytics went through the Elmspring Accelerator which is based in 1871.  Since going through the accelerator, they have analyzed millions of dollars in real estate transactions.  

If you want to help Megalytics out, introduce any CRE Asset Manager you know about them.  They will thank you.  Your introduction will help grow the entrepreneurial community in Chicago.  

Megalytics puts out a lot of fires and solves a lot of headaches that CRE Asset Managers have to deal with.  Many of their initial investors came from the real estate industry because they knew the pain points Megalytics were solving were acute.

In case you don't know what WLV is looking for and what our mission is, here you go:

WLV invests in B2B Fin Tech companies that are disrupting the backbone of finance.  Institutions are generally the customers, and institutions are generally the exit opportunities for the companies we invest in.

WLV only writes Series Seed checks, and Series A checks.  We prefer to lead rounds and get board seats.  We invest anywhere in North America.

We think Chicago has some of the best talent in the US when it comes to B2B Fin Tech.  We also think the cities of Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Des Moines, Boston, NYC, Philly, Toronto, and Vancouver are great when it comes to B2B Fin Tech deal flow.  We see gigantic opportunities in all the silos of finance.  Banking, insurance, risk analysis, back office, connectivity, transparency, 

Our fund mission is three-fold:

1.  Meet great entrepreneurs disrupting B2B Fin Tech, and invest in them, mentor them, and help them.    

2.  Grow the startup community when it comes to B2B Fin Tech.  To solve the problems in B2B, you need to know where they are.  Experience really gives entrepreneurs a leg up.

3.  Educate the local Midwest community about the opportunities in B2B Fin Tech through events we will host with thought leaders in the B2B Finance community.  

We invite you to come on the ride with us.

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