SeedCon Fast-Pitch Entry: DigitalGroundUp Inc.

November 2, 2012


I am thrilled to be here and proud to introduce DigitalGroundUp to the world. DigitalGroundUp is an interactive and experiential learning platform for digital marketing. Instead of reading the 250 page AdWords manual or watching videos on YouTube or Udemy, individuals on DigitalGroundUp learn by doing, getting their hands dirty with interactive exercises that simulate online advertising -- without having to gamble money on Google or Facebook. DigitalGroundUp will bring digital marketing to the masses -- allowing companies to take control and improve their own digital marketing efforts without having to hire an agency, consultant, or internal specialist.

A graduate of the Founder Institute in Chicago and a finalist in the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association's Digital Startup Initiative, we are really excited to be a Chicago start up that has grown out of the needs of the Chicago entrepreneurial community. Having worked at Lightbank for the past year and a half, and at Resolution Media, a digital marketing agency, before that, I have seen many companies struggle with their digital marketing. However, the mistakes they make, while costing them thousands of dollars, are easily identifiable and avoidable. Not only that - a small change can shave 66% off of the cost of acquiring a new customer.

You shouldn't have to work with an agency to have the appropriate targeting, bid competitively, or write a good ad. Most small businesses can't afford to work with an agency in the first place. But now they can have the same knowledge and confidence at their fingertips in a format that allows them to learn and understand. 

We are about a week out of our private beta, and looking forward to a Q1 2013 launch. In the meantime, feel free to check out our website at



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