SeedCon Fast-Pitch Entry: WhyDeliver

November 2, 2012



Currently, local merchants who depend on foot traffic are unable to capture all potential sales, as they require customers to come to the store to purchase their goods. Professional drivers have down time in which they are looking for opportunities to earn additional income. Local consumers are looking for a convenient method to bring locally purchased items directly to their door with little to no effort on their part.


WhyDeliver is a locally crowd-sourced delivery platform that allows consumers the convenience to have nearly anything purchased from local merchants delivered directly to them in a matter of hours. In doing so, WhyDeliver helps merchants access the untapped market of local buyers to gain incremental sales.


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The team at the present time is composed of two individuals: Jimmy Odom and Shreyas Gosalia. Shreyas has a business background in marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. He has previously launched and consulted ventures, was selected for a myriad of entrepreneurship programs, and currently works in digital marketing. Jimmy has an entrepreneurial background and is an alumni of The Starter League, where he studied web development. Having met through this year's previous Chicago Startup Weekend, Jimmy and Shreyas, along with their teammates, took home the Performics Most Innovative Company Award. Now on the heels of winning the award for their venture, RatingsKick, Jimmy and Shreyas have partnered up again to tackle same day delivery.


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