Should you Pay Student for Good Grades? - Gradefund seeks to answer that question - Site Relaunch and Angel Funding Announced

November 14, 2011 is a disruptive social-funding platform that offers students merit-based sponsorships from family, friends, and corporations is helping to ease that burden.  Today the site relaunched with a new look and several new features.  The best part of the relaunch is that we are giving away over 25K in sponsorships.

The site was originally launched in 2008.  Recently the site was purchased from the original owners and completely revamped.  The new site launched this past weekend.  Along with the launch we are announcing a round of angel investor who have made the new site possible. 

GradeFund has two parts.  First is the student. Signing up easy.  After signing up students can participate in Earn Money activities or seek sponsorship's from family friends or corporations.  Students get paid based on actual grades they earn.

Part two is the corporate side.  We encourage companies to set up sponsorship's for students.  The process is easy and free as 100% of your  pledge is giving to the students when they successfully complete their courses or returned to you if they do not meet the merit goals you establish.

GradeFund seeks to help cash-strapped students who are already facing: 

  • $27,000 on average in loan debt
  • 85% chance they will move home after graduation for lack of employment
  • Tuition fees that are rising between 9% and 30% annually

GradeFund ushers in a new, disruptive platform for positive social impact, helping students ease the financial burden of college through a merit based system.

More information can be found via our press release at: