SocialGravity Hits Chicago

February 13, 2012

SocialGravity officially launched our website on February 8th with focus on Chicago.

What We Do:  SocialGravity connects local charities, businesses and organizations with the people that support them in a secure online platform of like-minded and socially conscious professionals. In an increasingly digital world, there is nothing to augment and support the local networking that has gone on in local private clubs for professionals, businesses, and charities - until now.

The Problem:  Local charities, organizations, associations and businesses must use multiple sites, systems and applications to market themselves and their products effectively. This is time consuming and costly. While social media explodes, there is no network for like-minded socially conscious adults to network together.

The Solution: provides an online, easy to use and convenient platform to:

1) Market products and services with a simple integrated system that includes social networking, reputation building and management, email marketing, content publishing and crowd funding for nonprofits. Owners have choice of programs and flat rate subscription plans available.
2) Individuals network quickly and easily with like-minded people for your professional and social interests in your neighborhood, your town, your city, your state or across the country – in person and online.

3) Search catalogued and indexed groups, pages, and events for ease of engagement.

4) Manage and track your networking and digital marketing return on investment.

Our crowdfunding for charities and non-profits will not launch until March 1st. Currently, we are in alpha and will limit number of members at 500 for testing until March 1, at which time we will do a full launch.

Our launch party is scheduled for Feb 22nd at the House of Blues Foundation Room.