Venture Capital Competition hosted by the Startup Leadership Program

February 17, 2012

If you're currently raising or about to raise your first round of capital, this might be a neat opportunity. 


The SLP Chicago 2012 class would like to invite startups to participate in our Venture Capital Competition.

The class on Saturday March 3 will involve three groups:  1) you the entrepreneurs 2) us the students 3) investor judges.

On that day, the students will play the role of VC.  We will listen to your pitch, try to negotiate a deal with you, and present the terms to our "investment committee" at the end of the day.  (judging panel will include a VC, an angel, and a private equity dude)

If you would like to practice your pitch, get insider insight into the negotiation process, and friendly face time with investors -- we have 2 entrepreneur slots available.  Ideally you should be in the process of raising your first round.  Please contact Sue to sign up or find out which investors are attending.

We need to secure your slot by February 22 in order to prepare the materials by next week.  Thanks!

For more info contact:
[email protected]