10 Chicago startups to help you stick with your New Year's Resolution

December 31, 2015

2016 is just around the bend, and with it comes a fresh catalogue of dreams, wishes and goals. The new year is chock-full of opportunities to bring those aspirations to fruition, but sticking to a New Year’s resolution is ultimately up to you.

Do you have the grit to stay true to your goals for an entire year? To help you out, we’ve come up with ten common resolutions and the Chicago-based startups that can help you see those goals through.

Have a safe and happy New Year, Chicago. See you next year!


Move into your dream apartment.

Will 2016 finally be the year you move out of your roach-infested apartment and into the loft of your dreams?

wants to help that goal become a reality. Using crowdsourced ratings and reviews from apartment dwellers, AptAmigo users get a more holistic picture of what neighborhood, building, and individual unit best suits their lifestyle.


Give back to the community.

If your 2016 ambitions amount to doing more for the community, you’re in good company. Chicago’s

helps everyday people find, connect with, and support nonprofits and campaigns for whatever cause is closest to their heart, from education and human rights to climate change.


Save a buck or two.

, an app that’s on track for an early 2016 launch, is a refreshing approach to budgeting and goal setting. Using Tip Yourself, users are encouraged to reward themselves when they’ve hit certain milestones. By celebrating achievements big and small, users may be more likely to stick to their budgeting goals.


Stay fit.

We’ve all made resolutions to stay fit or lost weight. Chicago’s 

 is wearable (and fashion-forward) tech that captures your daily activity level and encourages you to make small, health-conscious decisions that pay off in the long haul.


See the world.

One of the biggest things keeping many would-be wanderlusters at home is the sky-high price of airline tickets. But that need not always be the case thanks to

, a local startup that allows you to find and hold flights until your travel plans are finalized — or you find cheaper airfare.


Upgrade your wardrobe.

New Year, new you — or at least, new clothes.

, a Chicago-based e-commerce retailer, can help spruce up a dated closet. The best part? All of their designs are created by artists, which means every order helps support the art community.


Go green-er.

Even for the environmentally-conscious, there are always additional steps that can be taken to live more intentionally. Case in point:

, a platform that connects eco-friendly homeowners with green services providers (like cleaners and contractors). Although technically still operating in beta, My Green Village is a solid option for anyone looking to go, well, green-er.


Eat healthy, eat local.

Eating better may be the most common resolution of them all, but a growing number of people are also investing in eating locally-grown food.

marries those two goals, providing an online marketplace for delivering local and organic groceries like meats, produce, cheese, and bread.


Never stop learning.

For those of us looking to recharge our sense of curiosity in the upcoming year, Chicago-based

is tailor-made to keep our inner Ravenclaw satisfied. Called the “Pandora for the knowledge-hungry,” the company released a new app last June that helps users learn five new facts daily.


Spend more quality time with friends.

If you’re looking to use the new year to level out your work-life balance, there is a deep pool of Chicago-based companies working to enhance social outings. Take

, a relatively new service that works with restaurants so that foodies can not only make online reservations at certain Chicago restaurants, but also pre-order meals. Talk about efficiency.

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