Seniors use tech, too: 5 Chicago startup building tech for baby boomers and beyond

March 15, 2017

The tech industry often targets its products toward younger users, but baby boomers are a huge population with plenty of opportunity for tech-powered disruption. Many Chicago startups are looking to fill in the gaps Silicon Valley is leaving behind with tech aimed at baby boomers.


An early sign for someone growing older is when they feel like their house is too big for them. When it’s time to move out, they often want to live with other people their age — and offers an easy way for them to find the right spot to live. The company provides descriptions, photos, videos and real estate information on more than 1,000 active adult communities around the country.


Of course, when it’s time to move out, baby boomers aren’t going to want to take everything from their current place to their new home. ALL IN ORDER helps movers sort their stuff by taking pictures of every item in a house. Then, the owner can mark things for selling, donating, throwing away or bringing to the new house, all from one online dashboard. ALL IN ORDER will even help sell and donate stuff if needed.


As we get older, our bodies tend to need a little more care. But all that healthcare talk can get confusing. Caremerge eases the communication gap between healthcare providers, seniors and their families so that the can coordinate care and ensure all stakeholders are on the same page. The company’s cloud-based solution can also reduce costs by eliminating unneeded trips to the doctor's office and easing side effects by ensuring doctor recommendations are clear.


There often comes a time when seniors can no longer live on their own without some outside help, but not everyone is best served by moving to a nursing home. Respect makes finding in-home caregivers simple through a straightforward app. The app streamlines vetting, scheduling and communication with caregivers so that families can know their loved ones are taken care of.


Alzheimer’s patients often wander, getting disoriented or lost and creating potentially dangerous situations. Careband helps caregivers keep track of seniors, alerting them if a patient starts to wander. The wearable also keeps track of user data to enhance patient care, while also providing families peace-of-mind for loved ones who are receiving care.


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