7 Creative Agencies in Chicago Helping Companies Build Brands

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Nov. 21, 2023
7 Creative Agencies in Chicago Helping Companies Build Brands

Chicago is a hub for advertising and marketing agencies, and with the importance of branding in today’s markets, agencies with a focus on creative and branding services have sprung up all over the city.

Creative agencies offer a combination of services that often include strategy, digital, design and technology development, providing companies with a one-stop-shop when it comes to overhauling their branding. Check out these creative agencies in Chicago enhancing how we interact with brands.

Top Creative Branding Agencies in Chicago

  • Pivot Design
  • a5
  • ArtVersion
  • Huge Inc.
  • The Motion Agency


pivot design creative agencies chicago
Pivot Design

What they do: Pivot Design is a creative agency that provides a variety of branding, advertising, digital and activation services to clients across multiple industries. The mid-sized agency provides everything from brand videos and promotional materials to social media and cross-media ad campaigns for brands large and small.

Who they’ve worked with: University of Chicago, CBRE and Brooks Brothers


a5 creative agencies chicago

What they do: A5 is a digital consultancy with clients in both the private and public sectors. The agency aims to tell client stories in creative and compelling ways, collaborating on print, event campaigns, digital presences through web and mobile sites and even branded videos.  

Who they’ve worked with: World Wildlife Fund, Chicago Park District and AIA Chicago


artversion creative agencies chicago

What they do: ArtVersion is a full-service creative agency working with clients around the world on branding, web, graphic and UI/UX design. Their team of developers, designers and strategists work across the print and digital mediums on creative solutions that align with each company’s goals.

Who they’ve worked with: Pepsico, Shell and Toyota


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huge creative agencies chicago

What they do: Founded and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Huge Inc. is a digital creative agency with a global reach. The team at Huge has worked with some of the biggest names in tech, entertainment and retail. The agency provides a unified branding strategy and experience that promotes cross-team collaboration and better problem-solving for clients. Huge offers services like data-driven strategy, entire product design and standard marketing services like social, media and content campaigns.

Who they’ve worked with: Hulu, Nike and LG


iris worldwide creative agencies chicago
Iris worldwide

What they do: Iris Worldwide provides fully integrated services for marketing, creative and consulting needs. Founded in 1999, the agency offers B2B and B2C services. In addition to traditional advertising and marketing strategies, Iris offers fringe marketing services like loyalty programs, social media influencers and experiential projects.

Who they’ve worked with: hp, Samsung and United Technologies


motion creative agencies chicago
Motion Agency

What they do: Motion is a marketing agency providing end-to-end services like strategy, design, paid media and event marketing. Motion works with clients to create a brand experience that consumers remember and rely on. Whether it's a social campaign or a live event, Motion strives to create seamless experiences for consumers on behalf of their clients.

Who they’ve worked with: Adobe, The Home Depot and MB Financial Bank


reach creative agencies chicago
Reach Creative

What they do: Reach Creative provides a variety of digital, branding and creative services to connect brands and customers. Founded in 2006, the agency offers traditional branding and strategy services like print ads and brochure design, as well as more modern services like application development and project management.

Who they’ve worked with: National Geographic, ticketmaster and Allstate

All images via Shutterstock and social media. This article was originally published in 2019.

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