6 Chicago Experiential Marketing Agencies to Know

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Nov. 20, 2023
6 Chicago Experiential Marketing Agencies to Know

There’s print, display, email, social media and a slew of other ways marketers get the word out these days, but nothing quite stands out like experiential marketing. Experiential marketing is a strategy that aims to immerse audiences in brand experiences, making a lasting impression. Not all agencies and marketing companies offer experiential services, making them all the more intriguing and special to clients. Check out the following experiential marketing agencies in Chicago that are thinking outside the box.

Top Experiential Marketing Agencies in Chicago

  • Agency EA
  • All Terrain
  • Next/Now
  • PR Hacker
  • rEvolution
  • VisualFizz


agency ea experiential marketing agencies chicago

Agency EA helps companies and brands create interesting experiences within events and conferences. From research and planning to logistics and production, the agency works end-to-end to execute high quality, memorable experiences. Working with many well-known companies both locally and globally, agencyEA has created branding opportunities like Target pop-ups for Chicago commuters and beach-goers, and Clif Bar’s sustainability activation at Chicago’s Pitchfork Festival.

Who they’ve worked with: Hilton, Lurie Children’s Hospital and MillerCoors


all terrain experiential marketing agencies chicago
All Terrain

All Terrain is a full-service experiential marketing agency bringing creative experiences to consumers and analytical insights to clients. Some of their services include pop-up experiences, immersive large scale events, sweepstakes and influencer engagement.

Who they’ve worked with: Quaker, dyson and Anhueser-Busch


nextnow experiential marketing agencies chicago

If you’ve ever been to the Chicago Sports Museum and played the interactive, virtual hockey and basketball games, then you’re already familiar with Next/Now’s work. The experiential agency specializes in VR, 360 degree video, projection mapping, 3D animation and more, utilizing technology to create lasting experiences that connect organizations and audiences.

Who they’ve worked with: Under Armour, Pandora and Allstate.


pr hacker experiential marketing agencies chicago
PR Hacker

PR Hacker is a data-driven digital agency offering a variety of services, including experiential events. The agency approaches experiential marketing by building experiences through social media and mass media, as well as grassroots efforts with an end goal of launching brands into their audiences’ world and making a tangible connection.

Who they’ve worked with: Mercedes-Benz, Smuckers and Harmless Harvest


revolution experiential marketing agencies chicago

rEvolution is a marketing agency helping clients achieve business goals by utilizing sports and events. rEvolution’s practice of experiential marketing comes in the form of brand-boosting live events, like a '90s fest for Nickelodeon thrown on Governor’s Island in New York, or a luxury camping experience showcasing Goose Island’s exceptional hop farm.

Who they’ve worked with: NBA, Chipotle and Samsung.


visual fizz experiential marketing agencies

VisualFizz is a marketing agency with a team of content creators, curators, designers, developers and, of course, marketing experts. VisualFizz combines physical and digital marketing to boost brand awareness and make new connections with untapped audiences.

Who they’ve worked with: Toyota, Mac & Cheese Fest Chicago and Sigma Estates


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