Integral Ad Science is Expanding in Chicago, Hiring for 150 New Roles

The company picked Chicago for its second headquarters.

Written by Gordon Gottsegen
Published on Sep. 12, 2019
Integral Ad Science is Expanding in Chicago, Hiring for 150 New Roles

New York-based ad firm Integral Ad Science has 22 offices across 15 different countries, but it’s looking to expand in one place in particular: Chicago.

The company announced that it’s opening a new office in Chicago. The new office is located in the Loop and will open on Monday. In turn, IAS will also go on a hiring spree to fill out the new office.

Although IAS has over 600 employees worldwide, there are less than 50 in Chicago. That will change soon, with IAS hiring up to 150 new employees in Chicago over the next 12-18 months. New positions will include data scientists, engineers, analysts and more.

IAS office
Integral Ad Science

An IAS spokesperson told Built In that the new Chicago office will essentially be the company’s second headquarters (after New York). IAS will base its engineering operations in Chicago and is calling the new space its “Center for Excellence.”

“I’m excited to take advantage of the incredible talent in the greater Chicago area as we build out our award-winning technical team,” IAS CTO Tony Lucia said in a statement, “We value curiosity, innovation and big thinking. Science is in our DNA here at IAS, and this expansion is going to bring us to new heights when it comes to our capabilities.”

Integral Ad Science is a B2B digital ad verification firm. It works with companies in order to make sure their ads are making an impression. This involves supplying companies with metrics, and keeping an eye on brand reputation.

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