Create a Free iPhone App for Your Organization

February 7, 2011

Feltpad Web + Mobile is seeking a local or national organization that is interested in working with Feltpad to produce a custom branded iPhone App. Feltpad will develop the app at no cost to the organization. The ideal candidate will be a non-profit organization with a potentially large user base. 

Your app will include your choice of the following features:
- Events Calendar
- News Feed
- Other Lists of Information
- Twitter Feed
- Flickr Photos
- Facebook Photos
- Contact / Email 


Your organization will be asked to release an official press release when the app become available, link to the app on your homepage, keep the app's calendar and/or news feed updated via App Administrator (www.AppAdministrator), and to promote the app to the best of your abilities.  The app will be posted to Feltpad's account in the App Store. 

All development services, other than graphics production, will be provided for free by Feltpad Incorporated. All code will remain the property of Feltpad Incorporated. 


Please send an email to [email protected] and tell us which features you would like in your app and why your organization would be a good choice for this project.

Feltpad Web + Mobile is a based in downtown Chicago, IL. Feltpad provides 12 years of website development experience, 5 years of search engine optimization experience, and 2 years of mobile application development.



Contact Information:

Christopher Tysh

Feltpad Web + Mobile

[email protected]