Feel Good Health Club - Chicago Lean Startup Challenge 2014

September 7, 2014

Feel Good Health Club

"Your Online Health Community"


Our product!

Feel Good Health Club is an online subscription-based resource that solves the morphine need of health minded individuals obtaining credible health information. Furthermore, the online platform helps to organize the four main aspects of our health (healthy habits, optimal nutrition, optimal fitness and prevention). We are excited to launch a program of events, speakers and high profile web interviews this fall.

The Lean Summer!

Flex and I could've gone to North Ave beach for Volleyball or Ravinia for a concert, a little more often this summer of 2014. Instead my business partner, Flex and I ordered take out food and worked the summer evenings on our Start up.

And you know, we don't regret it one bit. The lessons we learned and the business guidance we received will forever be entrenched in our minds.

After many years of business challenges and failures, we came away after participating in the Lean Startup Challenge course with powerful tools to use for our start up, Feel Good Health Club and others in the future. We would like to thank all our mentors especially Todd, Bernhard, Ted and Andrew for the amazing insight and guidance.

Getting out of the building!

The most important lesson we learned from the Lean startup challenge was getting out and talking to people. Our initial plan coming into the challenge was to build an expensive web platform therefore spending thousands of dollars on development and legal fees. At the lean startup challenge, we learned that we first needed to validate all the assumptions that pertained to our business by conducting customer problem and solution interviews. The experience was mind blowing. The general misconception when you start a business is you should not share your thoughts with people so nobody steals your idea. Not true! Everyone we interviewed from potential customers and partners were eager to help and provided priceless insight. The lean process allowed us to carefully develop our business and validate that our product was indeed a viable business.

Thank You!

We invite everyone that’s passionate about providing credible health solutions to join us with suggestions, ideas or be part of our growing online health community. Join us today and become a member at feelGoodHealth.Club.

Dr. Dominic Gaziano

Feel Good Health Club



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