GeneXus USA Launches Smart Device App for Links Halls Annual Event, THAW

by Reena Prema
March 12, 2013


CHICAGO (March 12) –Link Hall’s annual fundraiser, THAW , will be opening its doors on Thursday, March 21st at DANK Haus. This performing arts fundraiser will put an innovative spin on interacting with its supporters and curators. For the first time, they will provide the attendees with a smart phone application sponsored by GeneXus USA; a woman owned, software development company located in Chicago.

Developing the app took less than two weeks. The committee determined which features were needed most, and GeneXus USA started development of the app towards the end of January. By the first week of February the app was submitted to the app stores, where it can be downloaded today on iOs and Android devices. The GeneXus Smart Device Generator, allowed the smart device application to be created quickly, for multiple platforms, while focusing on Links Hall’s main goal for creating the app.

 “We wanted a way to make the event more interactive. By creating an app we allow the user to become engaged prior to the event, and remain actively engaged throughout.  Purchasing tickets, performance information, and up to date feed via twitter, can all be accessed through the THAW app,” said Jeremy Adler, Associate Board Member of Links Hall.

Attendees can also navigate through the venue and follow the performance schedule, which will include dances from emerging artists, installation work from curators, puppet acts and more.

A key mission of Links Hall is to provide opportunities for local artists, accordingly, everyone mentioned in the event from artists, curators, to sponsors can be contacted right through the app.

“There is always so much to see at THAW. This year there are over 50 performances. The app helps party goers get their tickets, pick the performances they want to see, and stay up to date on the night of the event through twitter and photo sharing.”  - Matthew Griffin, event co-chair.



GeneXus USA specializes in business and data driven mobile apps, as well as weba apps and database integration. Whether you are starting from scratch and need an app, or if you’re looking to give your customers mobile access to your services, we’re the right place for you. For more information, email [email protected], call (312) 836-9152 or visit

For the latest information about new and emerging technologies follow GeneXus USA on Twitter at @GeneXusUSA.



Links Hall encourages artistic innovation and public engagement by maintaining a facility and providing flexible programming for the research, development and presentation of new work in the performing arts.  

Since 1978, Links (a 501 (c) 3) has incubated performing artists through its residency programs, artist-curated festivals, cabaret and performance series, co-presentations with self-producing artists, low-cost space rentals, direct grants to artists, workshop programs, apprentice producer program, fiscal sponsorship program, and as one of 72 presenting and visual arts partners in the National Performance Network.

For more information contact Links Hall by email, [email protected], call (773) 281-1915 or visit


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