by Matt Holmes
November 8, 2017

I recently met Philip Lima, the Founder of Mashey, at a 12 Mavens Mastermind group for Founders a few weeks ago. He shared with me that his business is a 2 year old data analytics consultancy. That means that they help larger companies get their data organized, pull valuable insights, and build automation around that to improve the team’s performance. I got really jazzed about that because..

For the past 7 years of being self-employed, I would always tell other entrepreneurs, “You’ve got to hire a virtual assistant (VA)! You need more time to grow your business and you can do that by outsourcing some of the repetitive tasks. They can also help put together helpful reports, like how much web traffic you’re getting each month on all of your clients sites.

Then they usually ask me, well how much does it cost?

“The cost can vary from $60,000 per year for a US based remote worker to 12,000 Phillippine Pesos, so if you can be flexible with language barriers and across the world time zones, you might be ready to get started.

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What Mashey offers its customers is so similar. They are helping larger companies with data and analytics strategy so they can save money, make money, or increase their competitive advantage. Their clients get instant benefits from having a top notch data and analytics team without having to figure out how and who to hire, what processes to follow to drive results, or what technologies to use to t get the results. Mashey makes getting a turn key analytics team as easy as it is to outsource tasks to a VA. And worth the cost 10x, just like a VA.

When Philip and I met after the mastermind, we both thought it was just a regular intro meeting. I thought his company sounds very interesting and if it goes that way, I could maybe even pitch him on some of our marketing services on Handshakin.com.

But, after talking for about an hour, we only found ourselves talking in more detail about Mashey’s marketing strategy and it started to feel more like an brainstorm you’d have with your team, and even an interview at some points when I told him what I could and couldn’t help with.

We met a second time, and essentially worked together for half of the day, and I met some of their partners. Mashey hired me part-time as Head of Business Development, which I’m very excited about. They’ve more than doubled their revenue this year from last year with a few amazing partnerships, and they are now starting to invest in marketing and sales.

Let’s rewind, when I first got out of Real Estate back in 2014, I spent a full-year interviewing entrepreneurs, executives, billionaires, and members of congress trying to learn what was next for me. It was really hard to start getting some of the big names (like Billionaire John Paul DeJoria, Paypal Entrepreneur Kimbal Musk, and more), but I certainly know how to do it, and can appreciate the amount of time and work that goes into it.

With Mashey’s cutting edge strategy and team, I can’t wait to actually have a valuable service tailored for these leaders of bigger companies that I’m so passionate about meeting (or have already met hehe). My a la carte services at Handshakin’ are great for smaller teams, I’ve never sold to corporations doing $50M and more per year — my biggest client had been doing about $10M. So now, I have a financial incentive to get back to what I do best, connecting with the nation’s leaders and learning from them.

With all of that being said, I’m still learning lots about this industry, so if you’re anything close to a VP or Director of IT at your company, please let me take you for a coffee. Just contact me here on my personal site.

Originally posted at www.handshakin.com.

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