Introducing D/C Studio: Design Focused Coworking

October 21, 2013


The New Way To Work

In my last post, you learned about how the Design Cloud team has refined our focus. Our unique offering is solving our client's problems by combining expert business strategy with branding and interactive design expertise. Everyone on my team has senior level expertise. To me, that's what our clients need. But, we can't do everything. Nor should we. It takes a deep pool of trusted partners, fellow experts in their respective creative fields. To me, this is the new way of working. Small, expert teams collaborating together for better creative work and better results.

Connect, Share Resources, Thrive

It just so happens our studio is perfectly conducive to housing designers across multiple disciplines. Bringing these disciplines together in a curated work environment helps achieve this "new way of working." So, I'm pleased to introduce Design Cloud Studio. Located at our headquarters in the West Loop, D/C Studio welcomes professionals in design to build on our established collaborative ecosystem. We're cultivating a community where the design-minded can connect, share resources, and thrive.

Our Intangibles Set Us Apart

At Design Cloud, we share more than just desks, we share the perspective that design, art, and tech is a way of life. Here, we have created an environment where creatives can inspire and be inspired. D/C Studio, along with D/C Gallery, bring key intangibles to our members and to designers that no other co-working space in Chicago can offer. They form our culture, our core values. They set us apart.

For Designers, By Designers

The Studio already offered the necessary features you've come to expect from typical coworking environments, but we wanted to tailor the space specifically for designers. So we recently rehabbed the space to enhance the aesthetic, added meeting space, additional AV, more desks, and a war room for the messy design work. Members reap benefits from unfettered access to office resources and amenities in addition to creative inspiration and inertia from Design Cloud events and more.

Quality Over Quantity

We are not looking to pack the joint. We are looking for experts. Entrepreneurial minded thinkers working in architecture, interior design, photography, visual design, UX, web dev, ID, PR, fashion, and related fields. Check out the links below for all the details. Want to work in an art gallery? Love Wheaten Terriers? Become part of a community designed for you to thrive.

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