Lessons From a New CEO

April 14, 2012

How do you keep a team motivated during the first phases of starting your company? A lot of companies start off being very motivated and driven about their product but then when the rubber hits the road that’s when you see if your suspension is durable to sustain the bumps and holes on that curvy road to the town of Success. As a CEO of a new Company things that I have learn is first you have to believe in your product and see past the first few months but see where your product can become. You can’t sell your idea to your team; either they believe in it or they don’t. That is alright because you only want people that see the vision like you because they will go the extra mile with you to see your idea out until it becomes a success. You must learn to accept criticism and rejection because not everybody will be accepted of your new product because people don’t like change or learning something new and it takes time and your team needs to have thick skin. You have to always stay motivated and be encouraging to your team because they are going to feed off your energy and if you are not motivated then they will not be motivated. Patience is also the key to success; you have to understand that things take time. It takes time for everything we do in life and you have to understand that you cannot rush things. Last but not least stay motivated, consistent and persistence. Hopefully this helps other new CEOs coming up the ranks like myself. I would love to hear from other CEOs on how to keep your team motivated during the first stages of startup?