PVPower is Taking the Next Big Step - 3 Easy Ways to Help Us

April 16, 2012


Dear Friends of PVPower,


We're excited to announce that PVPower is taking its next big step. Starting today, we're raising capital to speed up customer acquisition, scale operations and strengthen SolarBear.  We're starting in Chicago and will be on the coasts in early May.


In the past few months, we’ve started getting strong signals from our customers. Their words and actions confirm that SolarBear is working. We're confident enough with our product-market fit to start adding fuel to the fire. SolarBear will truly become the web platform that powers America's independent solar installers. If you haven't seen SolarBear in action yet, check out this 2 minute video.


This year, independent solar installers will install 33,000 home solar systems worth over a billion dollars. We've spent countless hours understanding their needs and translating those insights into code. We didn't just want to solve the problems. We wanted to delight our customers with a surprisingly pleasant experience. We wanted to give them a fresh look at their day-to-day work in one of America's fastest growing sectors. We're not finished yet (not even close). Our whiteboard is a mile long.


We need your help! Here are three easy ways: 

  1. Follow us on AngelList (pro tip: write a comment about your experience working with us and we'll send you a great SolarBear T-shirt)
  2. Introduce us to a smart investor, entrepreneur or customer -- we love meeting new people
  3. Write about us -- we'd love to help you write a great story about America's solar installers or our business



Dan, Nick and Jeano