Tech Tuesdays in Chicago

March 13, 2012

It may be unusual - but out of the box defines much of how people are building the next generation of companies.

eGen.TV has stepped way out of the box.

After many planning and strategy sessions at various bars around town we realized a few things:

  1. We spent too much money at bars
  2. We enjoyed the occasional beer or two after work
  3. We were like all of our peers - only with no home.

From that the genesis of the Broadcast Bar was born. eGen.TV in partnership with the owner of a local bar took over the establishment and created the Broadcast Bar. Not only did we build our production studio into the bar, we are partnered with the owner and now every dollar spent on a beer or cocktail or even some of the great pub grub helps fund the development of eGen.TV as a new media broadcast company.

The Broadcast Bar is at 810 N. Clark Street in River North (c/o Clark and Chicago) and is open from 5pm to 2am. 

We would like to invite the Chicago Tech community to hoist a few at our bar and help us grow, plus you can be a member of our studio audience as we broadcast LIVE with:

  • Looped In (Mon - Fri at 6pm)
    • Host Amanda Barenburg and her crew of Barflies discuss today's hot topics. We always have an opening on the stage as a barfly if you want your 15 minutes.
  • Nightcap with Justin Strandlund (Mon - Fri at 10pm)
    • Justin interviews guests, profiles young comics and even the occasional music act LIVE at 10pm
  • iMTV - LIVE
    • Saturdays from 8pm to 10 we introduce new musical acts to play live and enjoy classic music videos


Join us on Tuesdays at the Broadcast Bar and if you can prove that your business card represents a technology company you get our Tech Tuesday Discount - $2.50 on all domestics all night.

Chicago needs a Tech Bar - help us become that; and remember - every beer you hoist is helping build a new tech company right here in Chicago.

Find out more about eGen.TV and the Broadcast Bar