Windows 8 and Startups

April 20, 2012

Windows Developer Event in Chicago

With the release of the Windows 8 Consumer Previewconsumers, IT Professionals, and developers have been downloading the Windows 8 Consumer Preview bits at a record pace. I have been particularly amazed with the interest that startups have had in understanding how to maximize their exposure by creating beautiful Metro style apps to be featured and monetized in the Windows Store.

The technical founders that I am talking to, though, are still not completely sure why they would dedicate their precious resources for Windows 8. The simple answer is Windows Store.

As others have commented, the potential for startups to take advantage of a the millions of global Windows users is staggering. At the Windows Store blog, you can get the details, but the economics of the Windows Store are extremely developer and founder friendly.

As this post from the Windows Store blog states, the revenue share base is 70%, but when an app achieves $25k USD in revenue—aggregated across all sales in every market—that app moves to 80% revenue share for the lifetime of that app. This is a first in the market and one that every startup should pay attention to.

So Now What?
If you are a startup and you live in the Chicagoland area, than you need to register for the Windows Developer event next week at Navy Pier. There are already over 500 people registered and at some point it will sell out. Attend and find out how you can take your business to the millions of global Windows users.