I Know Jane - Using Fashion and Technology to Positively Connect Global Community

November 17, 2012




Combining fashion-forward design, empowerment, and sustainability, I Know Jane is a new Chicago footwear and apparel brand that is seeking to positively connect the global community. True to its modern edge, I Know Jane is launching its new line of shoes on Kickstarter.


Digital technology allowed I Know Jane to recruit and then connect its team. Basecamp, Drop Box and Skype enabled an efficient, collaborative development of I Know Jane’s business. With a Brazilian manufacturer, a base in Chicago, and a team spread across the U.S., the company relies on a global digital network to bring its shoe to market.


I Know Jane’s marketing focuses on an interactive experience for the customer. Along with an active social media campaign, the company intends to use digital technology to communicate with its customers about fair labor and environmental issues affecting the global community.


“We’re excited to be part of the Chicago start-up community.  Launching on Kickstarter just a few days ago allowed us to get in front of customers to vet our idea,” said Jared Petravicius, Co-Founder of I Know Jane.   


“Take a look at our project and let us know what you think!  We would love to hear your feedback,” added Simon Tumansky, Co-Founder of I Know Jane.    


Article contributed by Beverly Petravicius