IT Admin Heads to the Cloud: How Mobile Accessibility Simplifies IT Management

April 24, 2012

The IT world has been buzzing with developments in network management and critical IT accessibility. Baseline Research found that mobile IT was the 5th biggest tech trend in 2011--and as user-demand continues to increase, mobile IT management has reached the forefront of the industry.

As IT continues to evolve, network management is one of the most critical components to your business. The days of a “wait-and-see” game for network issues, or constantly serving at the beck and call of a pager or cell phone when you were needed to solve problems are over. Management of critical IT infrastructure has finally “gone mobile,” allowing you to proactively monitor and manage your critical IT assets.

Here at VONOA, we are constantly seeking ways to improve performance and end-user experience. Staying at the forefront in mobile application development, we are pleased to present VSOURCE, our proprietary mobile virtual desktop. With VSOURCE, you can:

  • Manage network services

  • Monitor performance

  • Access solution data

  • View reports

  • Make adjustments to modules

  • Provision servers, access them, and start/stop them...all with your mobile phone

While VSOURCE provides you with mobile access to essential information and functions, it also provides you with:

  • Security. Security is critical to the reliability of your network--and to the success of your business. VSOURCE strictly enforces mobile security of your data through elastic VPN services, data encryption and strong authentication methods.

  • World-Wide Accessibility. VSOURCE is Windows, Linux and Android compatible, offering you complete IT management from your mobile device, anywhere in the world.

  • Flexibility and Simplicity. VSOURCE gives you incredible access and performance insight through an astonishingly simple interface. The end-user experience is truly elevated to the next level.

  • Faster Problem Resolution. Proactively identify and resolve network problems before they cause major issues. With VSOURCE, you can access, monitor and adjust wherever needed, to keep things running smoothly.

Mobile IT solutions like VSOURCE can give IT professionals the freedom to leave their desks, become more engaged in project work and development, and provide better customer service to their clients and customers. And products like VSOURCE are only the beginning. Here at VONOA, we are constantly researching and working to develop cutting-edge solutions to help make your jobs easier.

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