Little Independent & The Digital Storefront

September 15, 2011

Little Independent is quite new and we are always happy for opportunities to spread the word.  We were so excited to be mentioned in Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine in an article entitled The Digital Storefront. 


Here’s what was said: For shop owner Lesley Tweedie of Chicago’s Roscoe Village Bikes, it was a helmet that wouldn’t sell that led her to found Little Independent, a site where small retailers can post discounted items. Like Etsy, she wanted to draw attention to small businesses by grouping them together, “like an online equivalent to a bustling Main Street,” she says. “An independent store on the end of a dirt road in the country would not have as much visibility as one with neighbors.”


My hope is that a famous person will read this in first class and award us 1 million dollars for being so cool.  At the least, I hope some bike shop owners on their way to the Interbike trade-show in Las Vegas will read about us.  We’d like more stores on the site.  More stores and more content will help us attract more shoppers.  This bit of national press is very exciting.


Lesley Tweedie, Founder

@LitInd on Twitter