Orbitz Worldwide

May 4, 2011


What kind of company do we want to be?  Who are the employees that power our brands globally at Orbitz Worldwide?  How can we be more than just another technology company that excels in booking travel for our customers?  Can we make a difference?

These are the questions that drive us at Orbitz Worldwide, one company with a global reach.

Our mission is simple.  We will engage.  We will not hide from supporting issues of importance that impact the travel and technology industries or our customers, our employees and our communities.  We will take on matters of social importance and support causes that help make the world a better place to travel.

Orbitz Engaged is a multi-tier corporate citizenship program where the company is focused on “Our 5 Pillars of Global Responsibility.”  They include:


  1. Sustainable Travel & Tourism Best Practices:  Whether it is promoting  hybrid rental cars or eco-friendly hotels on Orbitz’ green tourism site or sustainable travel habits through articles on Away.com, our company is focused on making travel greener and more sustainable for the communities that welcome our travelers into their cities, towns and villages.  Our customers  proudly support CarbonFund.org, a not-for-profit that enables travelers to purchase carbon offsets that go towards green initiatives like reforestation projects or purchasing clean, green CO2-free energy.

  2. Disaster Relief and Voluntourism:  No matter if it is a hurricane that causes disaster in a major tourist destination like New Orleans or an earthquake that destroy a cultural port in Haiti, Orbitz will support the tourism communities that help make our industry possible.  Whether it is providing free air travel or human volunteers to the United Way or Tourism Cares, Orbitz leads the way in supporting volunteer vacations.

  3. Supporting the LGBT Community:  Since 2002, Orbitz.com has proudly served the travel needs of the LGBT community and is proud that as a company we have a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign.  Our commitment to our policy of non-discrimination starts with our travel portal and continues into support of numerous charities within the gay, lesbian and transgender communities.

  4. Technology Education: As proud Chicagoans, Orbitz is dedicated to keeping the top technology talent in the Midwest close to home and educating the next generation of technologists within the city’s public school system.  By participating in the Mayor’s Technology Advisory Council and initiatives through Chicago Public Schools (CPS), Orbitz supports the city’s first high-tech high school through internships programs and other CPS schools through donating used laptops and other technology resources.

  5. Travel Freedom:  Restrictions to travel hurt our ability to connect with people of other nations and learn from their culture and life experiences.