Player’s Health: New Name, New Office, New Focus

by Tyrre Burks
February 16, 2015

The past couple of weeks have been very exciting for us and we wanted to take some time to get everyone up to speed with what we have been up to!  First off, our company will no longer be known as Team Interval, as we have rebranded and are now known as Player’s Health. Why the name change? Well, after doing extensive research on our market and getting some great feedback from the schools currently using our app, we have pivoted and will now be focusing more on the medical and compliance side of youth athletics.  With a new focus, comes a new name! 


Throughout our research we talked to numerous coaches, athletic directors, athletes and parents and found out that athletes’ medical information isn’t being properly recorded, reported and shared.  We are now working to offer a solution to this problem.  Player’s Health is working to be the first universal health management and compliance application for youth athletes.  Our app is organization agnostic so regardless of the organization, an athlete will have ONE Player's Health profile accessible by all coaches and trainers with whom they work, from one season to the next; from school to club.


The next change our company has made is in location.  We are still based out of Chicago, but we now have the opportunity to work out of the new Matter office.  Matter is a health tech incubator which is focused on helping companies like ours reach our goals and potential.  As the Chicago Tribune explained, “The incubator… aims to grow companies through mentorship, networking opportunities, partnerships with companies and affordable workspace.”



Although we have only been working at Matter for two weeks now it has been an incredible experience for us.  CEO Tyrre Burks appreciates that Matter cares about which companies are working in this space, and how they can help provide exposure. “Everyone here is doing something phenomenal.  This is a place where they want to help companies that they see value in.  Them (Matter) helping us get some exposure is huge.”


Some of this exposure that Tyrre is referring to can be validated by articles published by Chicago Inno and the Chicago Tribune.  Jim Dallke of Chicago Inno did a great write-up on the reason behind rebranding.  “Team Interval wanted to be for high school sports. But roughly 6 months ago CEO Tyrre Burks pivoted the company's focus towards solely player injuries, an area he sees as becoming increasingly important for high school teams.”


Similarly, Blue Sky reporter Meg Graham, interviewed Tyrre and shared the story of Player’s Health.  “The company, founded as Team Interval in 2012, offers a platform to document athletic injuries across teams and organizations. Burks and his team moved into healthtech startup incubator Matter last week and are gearing up to add schools to its beta test.”




Although we are only two months into 2015, we can already tell that it is going to be a big year for us!  We appreciate the support that we have received in the community and are excited to see what the future holds for us.  We are capitalizing in a moment in time where there is a monumental shift in youth athletics.  We are changing the landscape of youth sports for the better by keeping athletes safe and schools and sports organizations covered.


Written By Jon Keller of Player's Health




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