Work Hard, Play Hard at RECSOLU

May 13, 2013

As an active member of the Chicago technology community, I’m often asked what a typical day at RECSOLU looks like for myself as well as my team members. The truth is, we’re constantly adapting to new learnings, experiments and insights that we gain from our team members, our customers as well as the community.

Since we’re experiencing another significant wave of growth and have a number of open positions available, we decided to make it easier to share all of the benefits we enjoy as employees at RECSOLU through this icon-happy infographic.

RECSOLU's Employee Benefits (Infographic)

RECSOLU’s Employee Benefits include a free iPad lease, access to a fitness center, march madness parties and even a kegerator.

In developing and refining our distinct and essential culture that allows us to offer these employee benefits, we’ve often drawn inspiration from several places:

Twitter’s Tea Time: Way back in 2010, Anamitra Banerji said it best about Twitter’s Tea Time: It’s a time at the end of the week for some to present, some to listen, and everyone to drink, chat and relax. – Anamitra Banerji

It’s in that same spirit and attitude that led us to instill a similar weekly practice at our headquarters so that we remember to look back, learn, share and grow as a team in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. It’s also afforded us the opportunity to host unique and knowledgable members of the community who admirably share best practices, technical approaches and other key knowledge to make us better, faster, stronger.

Recipients of Crain’s ‘Best Places to Work‘: These annual award recipients inspire and challenge us to maintain a ‘people-first’ work dynamic and provide a sense of community and camaraderie amongst companies who value their team members and consider them part of their family.

Our alma mater colleges and universities: We each have experiences from our time on campus that can help foster productive and rewarding social and professional experiences as a team. Whether it’s a casual game of trivia, a heated NHL ’94 battle on Sega Genesis or a kitchen full of team members celebrating a birthday or achievement, we become better leaders, engineers, designers, business partners and professionals when we’re surrounded by others who help bring out the best in each other. The long nights that come with the territory of shipping a new feature or the preparation for a major customer and/or partner event all require patience, focus, persistence, creativity and teamwork — just like they did when we were on campus.

Our customers: The lifeblood of our business and the key to producing new products and technologies with serious impact on the recruiting industry. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to come together as a team to share positive momentum, success stories, testimonials and even fully-produced videos showcasing our solutions in action.


As we continue to grow, we want to provide one of the most compelling environments in Chicago to do all of the above with as few barriers and obstacles as possible.

People operations: Having one or more devoted team members focused on team member satisfaction, engagement and motivation goes a long way. With our focus on solutions for the recruiting industry, we feel an obligation to take advantage of our own software, solutions and best practices. This means a comprehensive and well-planned approach to Human Resources, an analytical and data-driven approach to employee morale and a continuous feedback loop to improve and grow as new team members come onboard. These team members also help keep our composure and support our juggling of software engineering, service delivery and customer success.

If this sounds interesting and you want to learn more, apply via our RECSOLU Careers website or reply/DM us on Twitter. I think it’s also safe to say we’ll be pursuing our own 2014 Crain’s ‘Best Places to Work’ nomination so please check back for updates.

And if you’re a fellow member of the Chicago technology community, we’d love to hear more about the ways you’re cultivating, engaging and rewarding your talent with exciting benefits, perks and challenges.

Jonathan Ozeran
VP, Product & Mobile