Built in Chicago Weekly Update: Spotlight on Chicago Digital Leaders

October 6, 2011
Dear Built in Chicago members,
Q4 2011 is starting off strong with a new funding announcement, startup launches, the Governor's $78M announcement to help startups and small businesses and a fantastic announcement that Lightbank is doubling its investment in startups to $200M!  Entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of capital. Read below. 
Plus, tonight's highly anticipated CEC Momentum Awards Dinner.  This year, the CEC is honoring two of our great Digital Leaders, Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky, as well as three fantastic, high growth, digital companies GrubHubIfbyphone and Viewpoints Network.  Looking forward to an awesome event with more than 900 people attending. 
Finally, have you seen the list of startups we are collecting? It's simple--write a blog post, get five people to promote it and you make the list. Plus, be sure to send us a note including the month/year your startup was founded.
Spotlight on Chicago's Top Digital Leaders: The Unconventional Trivia
This week's spotlight is dedicated to our awesome Chicago digital leaders in an unconventional way-no fancy stats to report, no funding raised--just some kernels of information you otherwise would not know--a little fun to end the week. Want to get your company involved and make the guessing game a team effort? The first company to respond correctly wins an upcoming feature in the Built in Chicago weekly email.  
CLUES: The following companies will provide the answers you are seeking-some will not apply (Viewpoints, Obama for President, Vibes Media, Orbitz, Lightbank, City of Chicago, Groupon, Performics, GrubHub)
1. Which CEO was one of the first people ever to ascend Mustyr, the highest point of the Torugart-too mountain range on the Kyrgyzstan-Chinese border? 
2. Which CEO started a home delivery service called Bagel Express at age 15? 
3. Which CTO was once a professional Yoyoer? 
4. Which leading internet marketing pioneer started his career in basic manufacturing in Pittsburgh?
5. Which CEO once presented alongside Bill Gates? 
6. Which two co-founders have been business partners since they were 8 years old? 
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Ethan For Startups: Weird is GOOD

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Interesting Job Opportunities
SkinnyCorp/Threadless is hiring for a number of key positions, all located in the West Loop, including Head of Finance (VP/director level), Iternational/New Markets Director, Licensing/Account Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, international marketing consultants and interns.  Contact Thomas Ryan if interested.
IDEO is looking for  Talented Interaction Designers to join their team.  Contact Iain Roberts if interested. 
Groovebug is hiring experienced iOS developers, both part time and full time.  Contact Jeremiah Seraphine if interested.  

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