Find your perfect match: 8 Chicago companies hiring this month

February 4, 2016

What they do: Rocketmiles is all about helping travelers vacation more frequently. Through Rocketmiles, frequent flyers can earn extra travel miles by booking hotels in the user’s destination — making your dream trip to Cambodia that much easier.

Coolest available jobs: Android Engineer, Associate Product Manager

Coolest perks: The Rocketmiles team enjoys competitive pay and pingpong tournaments in house, comprehensive benefits including health, dental, paid vacation, flexible work schedules, unique team outings and group trips, paintball tournaments and summertime Lake Michigan cruises.

Note from the boss: “At Rocket, we look for analytically minded individuals with intense curiosity, who take initiative and are hungry to learn,” said Rocketmiles CEO Jay Hoffmann. “We’re fortunate that we continue to find amazing talent in Chicago who share the same desire to work on products that help people vacation faster.”


What they do: The team at RedShelf is fighting an admirable cause. Together, they’re working to make eTextbooks for college students more accessible and more affordable. With RedShelf’s technology, students have access to digital content from a variety of publishers that can help them better realize their academic aspirations.

Coolest available jobs: Senior Python Developer, Director of Marketing

Coolest perks: From health and dental benefits to commuter perks and an awesome vacation policy, RedShelf offers quite the pretty package. In addition, the team goes on a variety of team outings, and occasionally travels together to cool destinations on team-building trips.

Note from the boss: "Culture fit is probably the biggest thing we look for in a candidate; understanding how this person will mesh with our current team,” said RedShelf co-founder Tim Haitaian. “We're really lucky to have an amazing team culture here and are very conscious of changing the formula. Beyond culture, positive attitude, flexibility, and a desire to learn are some of the most important traits we look for at RedShelf."


What they do: Devbridge Group is a fast-growing tech consultancy that partners with leading companies in tech, manufacturing and financial services. Founded in 2008, they’ve just about doubled in both size and revenue year after year and have nabbed a spot on INC 5000 list three years in a row.

Coolest available jobs: Product Manager

Coolest perks: With a 401(k) plan, health and dental insurance, three weeks paid vacation and a competitive salary, Devbridge Group offers just about everything you need in terms of benefits. And that’s not even counting some of their culture-focused perks (like Friday lunches and a stocked kitchen).

Note from the boss: “As a member of Devbridge, you will work on some of the most complex challenges in software design and development. You’ll be part of select team that engages with enterprise leaders, building innovative digital products,” said Devbridge Group’s director of human resources, Agne Tukanaite.

“Our clients want to leverage outstanding user experience for building custom software used by thousands, if not millions, of users. No two projects we work on are similar, and none of them are small or simple. We leverage Dual-track Scrum for managing our projects. We take ownership, have fun, seek mastery, embrace transparency and deliver results. Your work will ship to market, make an impact and evolve,” she added.


What they do: Earlybird marries customized digital products with data analysis to help organization solve problems and grow. They help clients of all sizes by providing digital tools for everything from workflow automation and reporting to business intelligence.

Coolest available jobs: Web Developer

Coolest perks: Earlybird offers a self-directed reimbursement allowance to training programs and research materials. They also host monthly lunch-and-learns led by various members of the team on topics ranging from 3D printing to intellectual property law.

Note from the boss: "More than anything else, we're looking for people who love constantly learning and problem-solving," said Earlybird CEO Andrew Parnell. "Every position obviously has its skill requirements, but with how rapidly technology can change, we place an equal or greater emphasis on finding candidates who share our core values."


What they do: Syndio is centered on people. In practice, that means helping large organizations hone in on their human capital by crowdsourcing data to understand the true breadth of employee contributions. With Syndio, managers can better understand who exactly their superstar employees are, informing decision-making (like to whom extra responsibilities should be given, and whom to retain at all costs) along the way.

Coolest available jobs: Director of Marketing, Implementation Lead

Coolest perks: Let’s talk culture: a huge tenet of life at Syndio is believing that work can be both fun and productive. The office has a super-casual atmosphere with music playlists full of 90s hip-hop and jock jams, a fully stocked fridge and an affinity for GIF sharing.

Note from the boss: "Syndio loves people who are obsessed with making work at big companies suck less,” said Syndio CEO Zack Johnson. “We look for people who are passionate about solving problems with data, love delighting customers and want to flip HR on its head."


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What they do: Gorilla Group is an award-winning company that creates the strategy, design, tech and managed services that helps digitally transform e-commerce platforms across the web.

Coolest perks: Gorilla Group’s got a competitive package, inclusive of salary options, profit sharing and ongoing career advancement opportunities — on top of all the perks traditional benefits you’d expect (and a few you might not).

Coolest available jobs: Project Manager, Associate Experience Director

Note from the boss: “We look for creative problem solvers; self-directed individuals who are ready to jump in and contribute to our entrepreneurial culture,” said Rebecca Van Riper, senior talent acquisition specialist. “In return, we show we value your contributions by offering unlimited time off, work from home options, limited client travel and much more. Come see why Gorilla is a smarter species of commerce.”


What they do: More than one million people around the world — from law students to Wall Street investors and Hollywood screenwriters — rely on Branchfire’s software to bolster productivity, communication and collaboration in their work.

Coolest available jobs: UX Designer, Mobile Software Engineer - iOS

Coolest perks: Besides a suite of traditional (and competitive) benefits like health, dental and vision insurance, Branchfire employees also enjoy a super-flexible vacation policy, stock options, a stocked kitchen, and new laptops and iPads upon their arrival.

Note from the boss: “We have an amazing commercial opportunity in front of us, and we’re quite selective about who we hire,” said Branchfire CEO and co-founder Ravi Bhatt. “As a software company, we’re obviously looking for brilliant engineers. But more importantly, we’re looking for people who share our values — passion for building exceptional tools, unrelenting attention to detail, and a fearless (we-will-change-the-world) attitude.”


What they do: Centro’s platform is designed to make digital advertising easier. The company's enterprise-class software helps wrangle a company’s digital media campaigns into a centralized location, where they can be organized and automated across all channels.

Coolest available jobs: Campaign Manager, Senior DevOps Engineer

Coolest perks: Centro has a ton of enviable perks, but a couple of standouts include three weeks of uninterrupted “self-improvement time off” for employees who’ve worked there at least four years straight, $500 yearly credit for gym memberships or fitness classes, coaching and advisors for new partners and tuition reimbursement for continuing education.

Note from the boss: “At Centro, we look for candidates who embody our manifesto and live by its principles,” said Emily Barron, Centro’s SVP of operations. “We firmly believe that we can teach anyone to do the job if we hire capable people who, at the core, personify the manifesto and are passionate about Raving Fan service.”

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