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Computer Vision • Digital Media • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • News + Entertainment • Software • Generative AI
Chicago, Illinois, USA
1,700 Employees

Getty Images believes the right image, video or illustration can move the world. We deliver standout visual content to our customers, to power their commerce and ideas, and connect to their audience. For over 25 years, we’ve helped creative, business and media customers to define moments and shift perceptions using powerful visuals from gettyimages.com, istockphoto.com and unsplash.com.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • eCommerce • Software • eSports
Chicago, Illinois, USA
19 Employees

LUDEX is a software development and AI company in the sports industry. We are truly changing the game and pushing the boundaries of what technology can do! At the core of Ludex's app is a powerful valuation system that provides users with accurate and up-to-date information about the worth of their cards. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and real-time market data, this feature empowers collectors by giving them a clear understanding of the value of their card collections. Whether it's sports cards, trading cards, or any other type of collectible card, users can rely on Ludex's valuation system to get an accurate appraisal. In addition to valuation, the Ludex card collection app offers an intuitive digital portfolio system. This feature enables collectors to effortlessly organize and manage their card collections in a user-friendly and visually appealing interface. Through the app, users can create customized portfolios, categorize their cards by type, rarity, or any other desired criteria, and easily search and locate specific cards within their collection. With Ludex, staying organized and showcasing your collection has never been easier. With its comprehensive features, accurate valuation system, streamlined portfolio management, and the ability to list a card in seconds, the Ludex card collection app is poised to become the industry-leading platform for card collectors. Whether you're an avid sports card enthusiast or a dedicated trading card game player, Ludex's app offers the ultimate experience for organizing, valuing, and exploring the world of collectible cards. Start your journey with Ludex today and unlock the full potential of your card collection.

Computer Vision • Software • Virtual Reality
15 Employees

8i is changing how humans interact. Through our revolutionary volumetric capture technology and our consumer media platform we are simplifying the creation and distribution of immersive 3D content - for virtual reality, augmented reality and the web. Our volumetric solution is in high demand for the richer content and communication experience created through real human representation in 3D. Our team is composed of industry leaders in computer vision, digital distribution and media.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Marketing Tech
2 Employees

We translate pixels into brand intelligence. Our Ad Tech Computer Vision platform automates natural video monitoring and labeling so brands can focus on activation and analysis instead of attribution and annotation. Deep.ad is trained to recognize and classify logos, trademarks, and barcodes – in addition to offers and pricing, industry categorization, and text.

Computer Vision • Digital Media • eCommerce • Marketing Tech • Software • App development • SEO
Fully Remote, USA
47 Employees

Greetings from PGN Agency, your one-stop shop for success online! Our talented staff, with a focus on website creation, develops captivating online platforms that are customized to your company. PGN Agency is an advertising firm, we create campaigns that pique the interest of your target market. With the help of our social media marketing techniques, improve your online visibility. Boost conversions and drive targeted visitors with our PPC marketing expertise. Take control of search engine rankings with our tried-and-true SEO methods. Put your trust in PGN Agency to use cutting-edge digital solutions to grow your company to new heights. Our top priority is your success.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Software
Fully Remote, USA
72 Employees

Construction is a $13 Trillion global industry, yet it’s one of the least digitized. Fueled by increasing venture investment, our mission puts us at the forefront of a movement driven by former construction professionals looking for a better way to modernize how the world builds. We are bringing the same computer vision and mapping technologies found in self-driving cars to the construction technology space. Our custom AI-powered vision engine automatically organizes photos and videos by location, time, and date giving users the ability to keep a pulse on their project’s data – helping them save time, stay on schedule, and protect profits.

Cloud • Computer Vision • Information Technology • Professional Services
29 Employees

MotherG is your partner in business growth through the eyes of technology. We take an approach that focuses on your issues of today and challenges for tomorrow. Understanding where you were, where you are and where you want to be is how we develop a strategy that will improve your technique, so your business runs efficiently.

AdTech • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing
8 Employees

B6A is an analytics-fueled technology company whom enables companies to maximize ROI on their sports sponsorship spend across all advertising channels. Sports properties, agencies and brands are using B6A's platform to create a truly interactive experience focused on delivering sponsorship value through machine learning.

Blockchain • Computer Vision • Fintech • Machine Learning
60 Employees

Practical programming delivers instruction to aspiring students seeking a discipline in the technical fields.

Computer Vision • Digital Media • Marketing Tech • Other • Real Estate • Virtual Reality • Design
Chicago, Illinois, USA
15 Employees

CGI for real estate sector. We create beautiful renderings, animation and interactive experiences for the design development and marketing phases of real estate development. We have a focus in hospitality, but our portfolio speaks for itself. We can work in any sector of unbuild architecture.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Hardware • Software
10 Employees

Monument is an AI-centric software platform designed to create an easy and enjoyable way to back up, manage, and interact with our photos and videos. Developments in technology and social networks have now made content creation easier than ever which in turn has amplified the very real need for content organization.

Aerospace • Computer Vision • Information Technology • Professional Services

We collect and analyze high-grade aerial data and turn it into actionable information that clients use to make data-based decisions.

Computer Vision • Greentech • Hardware • Internet of Things • Software
Chicago, Illinois, USA
3 Employees

FloWaste’s food analytics platform uses proprietary image recognition technology to empower food service providers and industrial food producers to reduce food waste automatically. Using kitchen data, FloWaste allows foodservice providers to optimize meal preparation, ingredient combinations, and portion sizing, while reducing labor costs, to maximize profits and minimize excess. FloWaste has 3 live paid pilot customers, who have just signed agreements to scale to 100+ locations.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Logistics • Machine Learning
5 Employees

Every year, over 34,000 people are severely injured by material handling equipment in the US. At OneTrack, we are working with leading logistics and manufacturing companies around the world to prevent these types of accidents while also increasing the productivity of human operators using Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

Computer Vision • eCommerce • Software • Database • Design
New York, New York, USA
250 Employees

Web development India provides effective woocommerce website development services. We have quite a skilled staff for developing, putting into use, and modifying your online store utilising the WooCommerce framework for different sectors. We are specifically familiar with WooCommerce plugins and their extensions. To create efficient eCommerce solutions and offer WooCommerce custom development in accordance with the needs of our clients, our developers put in a lot of effort.

Computer Vision • Information Technology • Machine Learning • Software • Virtual Reality • Business Intelligence • App development

At VisionX, we redefine the boundaries of innovation. As a leading software development company, we specialize in app and website development, AR and VR solutions, and cutting-edge cloud computing services. With our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, we empower tech giants with groundbreaking solutions that propel their success to new heights. Trust us to transform your vision into reality – because at VisionX, impossibilities become possibilities.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Other • Virtual Reality
1 Employees

We work with clients big and small to build the AR future. Our work focuses on Swift, ARKit, and RealityKit to build for iOS and iPadOS. Our augmented reality work wins awards, sparks imaginations, and drives business results. Our clients range from tech stalwarts to one-person-startups.

Computer Vision • eCommerce • Healthtech • Software
Fully Remote, USA
27 Employees

Visibly is a Chicago-based healthcare technology company founded in 2012, building digital vision care solutions that enable patient choice and provider capacity. Online vision testing is just the start; Visibly envisions a world where technology enables patients and doctors to connect easily and make other aspects of vision care more convenient and accessible to everyone. We launched the first online refractive eye test that delivers a physician-issued prescription for glasses or contact lenses and we are the first FDA-cleared online visual acuity test on the US market.

Computer Vision • Fashion • Machine Learning • Retail
3 Employees

At Neural Trend, we believe in data that translate into actionable insights for apparel retailers. We then take these insights and propagate them into the future of apparel fashion.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Hardware • Internet of Things • Logistics • Software • Transportation
Chicago, Illinois, USA
40 Employees

At eMeasurematics, we specialize in industrial autonomous solutions, digital warehouses and yard management systems. Our solutions encompass an advanced software suite which is seamlessly integrated with advanced digital devices. We are industry leaders in our field of technology. As we continue to grow, build better solutions, and add new modules to our software platform, involving A.I, Computer Vision and other state-of-the-art technologies.